Thursday, 24 October 2013

KWCs 2nd Swap day a resounding success (again)

KWCs 2nd Swap day a resounding success (again)

Just a quick word of thanks to all that participated in the 2nd Kapiti Wargames Swap Day. It was a resounding success, with bargains and swaps for all to be had. Everyone walked away satisfied on the day. A big thanks the everyone involved, visitors and members alike.

Some more of my photos on the KWC blogsite (Click to page)

Personally I found around 30+ brand new and pre-loved fantasy figures, 4 Fenresian wolves, 2 bags of Mantic Basilian Horses, useful tree bits for 20 mm WW2 terrain and bases, lots of paint (Thanks Pukeko games: Vallejo and Reaper) and some bits to make the Dark Elf Raider Ark I have been contemplating at the back of my mind for some time. 

An alternative Demon prince (Do I really need another? ..but the model was soooo cool. And it was a bargain) and small dragon I intend to use as an alternative to the Dark Elf Pegasus.

 I sold the last of my 40K hoard (At last...yay!); some excess German WW2 1/72  tank kits, reference books and codexes, board games, a role playing LOTR game, and a lot of other bits and bobs. A great day of cameraderie and banter, haggling and gamer fun!

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