Friday, 18 October 2013

GW (largish) Niggle sorted - Dark Elves book incoming (to a postbox near me)

GW and global trading: We have a problem Houston


As a complication of GWs global pricing policies I ran into an unusual problem. I bought a gift certificate as a present for my son a few months ago. When he wanted to use it online, it turned out that the voucher had been issued in US Dollars (Despite my login details showing NZ) and it was useless in NZ.
I ended up giving him the money in hard cash, and tried to sort out the mess...

The local GW shop would /could not honour the gift certificate, and after 6 months of to-ing and fro-ing we finally got someone in Aus to sort the problem.

6 months later...I was getting rather frustrated with the whole situation, as my bank had also stung me with a $25 foreign exchange rate fee. (On a $100 gift voucher, billed to me as NZ$135 at the time, it brought the cost of a $100 voucher to $160).

I received an email advising me that a new certificate (At today's exchange rate, $120, NZ would be issued) which would put me out of pocket $40 on the nett balance.

I thought just to let it slide, but someone at GW was perceptive enough to what had happened, and that the exchange rate was different at the time of purchase. Today an email with a voucher arrived for $150 NZ.

In the end this leaves me just $10 (plus interest lost) out of pocket,after  six months of trying to get an adequate response from the US/UK or wherever. Should I be glad?

So I bought the Dark Elves Army book, and DE magic cards, and the cards for Lizardmen and WoC. Lets wait and see...probably my last online purchase from GW.

Think I'll just go down to the local GW shop in future or buy off traders on TradeMe rather than go through this again!.

Anyhow, Kudos to the GW employee who saw the exchange rate difference and adjusted the voucher. Have a great weekend mate!

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