Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thanks for 10 000 Views

Trouble in the Border Provinces clocks 10 000 Views

Whoohoo. Since starting this blog less than a year ago, it has clocked 
over 10 000 views. 

Thanks to the legit visitors and followers, and a raspberry to the blog adcom crawlers and redirectors.

Of late there does not seem to many of these, and most seem of legit origin. So give or take a few 100...



  1. Hey, the adcoms are at least making you *feel* more popular, right? They're doing their bit as best they can. They are only humble crawler programs, after all...

    1. Oh, and congrats on the milestone.

    2. Thanks, the interesting thing is that my gaming blogs seem to tick over at more or less the same rate (approx 10000-11000 views each) and my aircraft blog at about treble the rate, adcoms or not. I know there are some blogs out there that click over at 10 000 per day, but I'm still pretty happy w my small audience.