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Dark Elves: Second Wave Leak: First Photos

Dark Elves: Second Wave Leak: 

Photos, and confirmation of the lean to Slaanesh

Via Facebook: Presumed scans from the Army book, showing what else is in store for the DE lovers amongst us! (If you can believe the post)


Warlocks, the alternate build for Dark Riders, can't make out what the actual name of these altenate riders could be, but note the term "Slaanesh" actually printed in the caption! 
See, I told you...Slaaneshi Druchii! 

I'm loving the look of these riders, but...Oh dear! What were you thinking with buck teeth on the horses?
Has Bugs Bunny been crossbreeding with the Druchii stock? Bring out the tooth file. Gonna have to do some converting here!

OK, I think. Gives me no real reason to update my current dark riders.
Looks if they may be getting some light armour and/or shield option though, and a nice build on the riders themselves, fitting more with the look of the (unchanged) cold one riders

But then the backslide starts. 

I was so excited about getting new Executioners and Black guard, expecting at least some dynamic poses. But I am very underwhelmed with these (as also with the new core warriors) It seems the DEs backslid to the 90s, with static poses. Not a great improvement on my current metal ones, and just as good and my current alternate Gamezone figures (see bottom of page) 

OK, nice detail, BUT Static, static 1990s poses. Missed opportunity... Is all that I can say.
Alternate companies to GW can only improve their own sales. 

Not a halberd raised in anger. Even the empire's halberdiers are more dynamic

...OK, intersing. Look Ma, no visible wheels. With 2 attacks each from Cold Ones, plus impact hits, etc this is gonna be a seller. We'll see what the stats show

Mobile bolt-thrower. 
Waiting to see the stats, but can't imagine it's gonna match th Cannon of Khorne

Interesting. So not  a "Admiral of the Fleet", but Balck Ark Fleetmaster. 
Did we really need a peg-leg? The legacy of the pirate lore permeates the corsairs...
Ok, I can live with it. 
Now the qiestion: Does he have -1 to his movement, and how does that affect the unit he is in? 

For those who prefer decals. As I said, back to the nineties.
Does GW sell a decal fix? Not sure, if not they soon will....

Overall impression of the DE release so far:
(If the post I got this from is not a hoax, but the photos seem to come from an Army book)

Bit disappointed with the infantry, core and elite both. Seems we've had a backslide to 1990s design, with rather static poses, ham-sized hands and limitation of poses. (As an aside, I'm building Empire Greatswords from my pile of shame at the moment, and have found the same problem there) 
Characters seen so far also a bit bland.

 Cavalry and Chariots are pretty good, with the exception of those teeth. It appears the GW fixation with eating apparatus has now switched from parrot beaks to protruding gnashers for the horses and hydra.
I'm liking the buff machines and monsters (other than the hydras teeth) Now to find out about the magic...

Alternate Black guard I use  at present:
Gamezone figures

Dropped the shields, as BG don't have 'em

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