Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dark Elves: Waiting for the tide to turn

Druchii: Waiting for the Dark Elf Army Book

I have finally dusted off all of my Dark Elves, all have been magnetised, most based, and almost all have been fully painted. Still have to do the second Hydra, but patiently waiting for the New Army Book.

Sucked into the Arms Race that is Warhammer Fantasy (And 40K, for that matter, but have got rid of all of them critters...)

I have been spending most of my time expanding my WWII 20mm armies in expectation of Kursk later in the month, working on Soviets at the moment.

Had to clear away the half painted and partially painted DE's I had obtained as a cheapie off TradeMe in the process, so thought I may as well finish these and take a family photo:

So here they are, my Druchii Family:
(Click for full-size picture)

Back: 2 Repeater Bolt throwers, Dark Lord on Dragon, 2 x Cauldrons of Blood, 2 x Hydras 
4 x Sorceresses, Unit of 15 Witch Elves, 16 Cold one riders w mounted Sorceress and Malus Darkblade, 2 more bolt throwers
5 x Harpies Line-up of 8 characters, Unit of Shades, Unit of Dark Riders, 5 more harpies
Horde of Spearmen, Horde of Tower Guard, 2 Units of Executioners
Second horde of spearmen, Horde of XBowmen, another15 XBowmen, 2 Hordes of Corsairs 



XBow Men


So now we wait. What will the future bring? Likely monstrous cavalry, a monster or two, and flyers, if we can believe the trend. Probably a new Cauldron or similar boosting device, and new characters in fine cast - IMHO