Wednesday, 30 October 2013

GW Rumours and Releases

New kid on the block?
Looks like we are getting a Warmachine/Hordes type of game crossed w WHFB from GW.
If we cant beat 'em...

Let's kill Mordheim and Warmaster, and shelve Dreadfleet, as that really did not work...

Not clear if this is army or individual combat based or a mix:

From Pins of War and Faiet 212

1 - Triumph and Treachery – A Warhammer Expansion for Xmas

White Dwarf Sneak Peak and Pre-orders open now (Retails $165.00):

"Triumph and Treachery is a Warhammer supplement which features rules for playing 3, 4, or even 5 player games of Warhammer. It's a totally new way to play, allowing you and your friends to bribe your enemies, hire mercenaries to bolster your armies and carry out all manner of underhand tactics. Anything goes in the quest to win the war!

This 96-page, full-colour, hardback book includes:

- A history of the underhand tactics employed by devious generals to defeat multiple opponents.
- Full rules for playing multiplayer games of Warhammer.
- 3 new Triumph and Treachery scenarios.
- 3 historical scenarios featuring the background to the battle; an overview of each army; scenario rules; and an order of battle showcasing the miniatures used on each side.
- A showcase of expertly painted Citadel miniatures.

Also included is a deck of 36 beautifully illustrated Treachery cards that allow you to employ all sorts of nefarious bribes and ploys in your games. There are also 5 player turn cards.

As well as this there is a drawstring bag containing victory tokens. These provide a handy method of keeping track of each player's victory points throughout the game (and can also be used for other things, such as bribing an opponent or hiring mercenaries).

All of this is presented in a slipcase to keep the book, cards, and victory tokens together.

You will need a copy of the Warhammer rulebook and relevant army books in order to use the contents of this book."

The cover of the book is a Dwarf fighting a Chaos Warrior in combat, with a Dark Elf Assassin sneaking in behind.

2 – Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition

More Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition rumours via Faeit 212.

Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition & new Starter set in 2014:

Starter set becomes “Expansion set” & Mailorder Only Special Edition

Orks & Goblins first 9th editon Armybook

Starter Set of the 9th Edition Warhammer with following content

Simplified Starter Rulebook
“Armies of Warhammer”, simplified Armylists for all

Orcs and Goblins Army:

(?) New Orc Warboss
New Goblin warriors
New Orc Warriors

Empire Army

Captain of the Empire
New Spearmen (new Design)
New Musketeers (new Design)
New Knights (new Design) - Golly we need these

The Set becomes an Expansion with Magic as subject
Small Booklet with Magic Rules

Additional Models for Mages and two Regiments

#3 – New Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves

According to Ajota from the Spanish Eye of Terror forums, new Dwarves for Warhammer Fantasy arrive in 2014 (before or after the new Edition for Warhammer Fantasy?).

OrcCrusher / TBM
Runic Anvil / War Altar
Squadron Box Gyrocopters
Thunderers Box / Crossbow / Dwarf Warriors (10)
Hammerers Box / Ironbreaker
Slayers Box / Brotherhood of Grimmir
Longbeards Box / Rangers”

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