Monday, 30 June 2014

Civil War at KWC

Civil War Erupts at KWC

Druchii take on Druchii, Ogres turn on each other and DoC descend on the Denizens of Athel Loren
Good night's gaming last night. Got there late as I was on call. Actually was not intending to go, but when I arrived home after 7 pm the Aspiring Champion of our house was ready to go, Ogres all packed.

Gulped down me tea, grabbed the closest prepared list without really looking at it, threw all the Druchii in the car; and set off down the Road to Paraparaumu to join the fray, stopping briefly for a hot chocolate.

By the time we got there everyone was already engrossed in games. All sorts going down: Wood Elves taking on Chaos Demos at Rex and Dave's table, Nick havin' a game of Memoirs 1944 with one of the junior players, and likewise Sam having a game of Magic. Jack and Jayden had a 40K clash of Necrons vs alternate Imperial Guard (In this case, the British Empire) Just love those Red Jacket figures, Hayden!

Anyhow Sam eventally emerged from his Magic card game, and then Civil war broke out between his ogres and Luc's!

The unlikely watchtower scenario.. as if Ogres cared about things like that. Anyhow, king of the castle, or the maw, or wathever... I think Sam triumphed in the end, getting control of the tower and holding it.

Nick brought up his Druchii and a pitched battle followed with my Cold-one bus vs his mobile strike force with a hammer of executioners. Good use of terrain and outflanking with fast moving cavalry saw him negate my punching power, and forcing me to engage my Corsairs against his Dreadlord- wasn't going to end pretty, low borns taking on a high born on a pegasus, buffed to the teeth, and out of reach of the BSB and Generals sphere of influence...

Pretty much a draw, and time limited, as we only started around 9, and Nick had to be in time for the last train home. He did succeed in routing and killing my Lvl 4 Sorceress, who sat in a the bunker of Corsairs/ May put her in the Cold-one bus next time, rather than the Lvl 1. Interesting to see an assassin deployed too, did a wee bit of damage. I've always questioned the amount of points invested in them vs possible gain.

I believe the DoC triumphed over the Denizens of Athel Loren. Had an interesting discussion about the value of taking a Soul grinder (or not) as artillery with Dave.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

All (too) Quiet in the Provinces: Army Parade and Review of Projects

I have been very quiet on the Warhammer front for some time, focusing on reducing my pile of lead and plastic.

The torrent of releases and my general avarice when it comes to models has resulted in quite a large pile accumulating. The quick succession of releases in the last 18 months has left our household reeling, and quite frankly, a bit swamped with Warhammer, and a strategic withdrawal subconsciously took place.

Maybe its also because the Lizardman and Ogre General in our house has discovered "Gurlz, Skateboardz, Music Concerts and Social life !" (No particular order) , and gaming has taken a backseat.

Also HOMEWORK has taken over a lot of his time... taking art, so quite a lot of hard grind needing to go into it. I must say though some amazing artwork coming out of those talented young hands!

Certainly the hobby brushes have not been taken up for a while for some of the inhabitants of our mancave...

And  I too  have been diverted from WHFB into FoW for the last few months,first building and then re-fighting D-Day, and then onto Operation Bagration:

See my other blog Wargames Obsession for detail. I have managed to make quite a dent in the pile of (non-Warhammer) models under the desk

Anyhow there are quite a few unbuilt models from out European haul in January still sitting on the shelf. 40K is history, and Luc's Tau are also still up for sale, anyhow, what's left of them (Unbuilt fire warriors, Kroot, etc)

I have resisted buying the New Dwarfs book, and may well sell off my Dwarven Throng, or can I really get myself to part with what really was my first GW Army ? Haven't played them for ages though...

So I have decided to at least make an effort, and parade my armies, as they currently stand over the next few weeks, and a quick update on unfinished projects:

I came across this useful item, that has Dark Ark written all over it, and also,  in small letters (dare I say it, SAGA...)

Out came the spray can, undercoat done. Here comes an item that can only lead to interesting gaming...

So I next reached for the camera and Army closest at hand (and mostly complete, ok, bar a hand full of models) No, not my Dark Elves, but my Daemons of Chaos:

Faction by faction, they poured from the Maelstrom across the Frozen Wastes

Khornish Nasties first:

Leapers of the Flame, pouring forth from:

Flaming Hounds

Alternate Karnak



Alternate Herald of Khorne
 (Grand Crane, of the -now defunct- Confrontation brand)

Alternate Skull Cannon, with another alternate Herald of Khorne

The Old Guard

All my Khornish Nasties together

Slaaneshi (Minus Seekers - not fully painted); and another unit of Daemonettes, not worth another pic, again with alternate herald and The Mask, more useful, I think in the pred Ed. rules. 

Tzeench Daemons

Papa Nurgle and his Garden of Delights

Herald and BSB (Pardon my poor photographic skills - still workin' on it)
Alternate Herald (Bit of a theme developing here? )

Filth Dogs

Epidemius and his offspring