Friday, 6 December 2013

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: Rules 40K and WHFB

Statline and Rules for Belakor, Special Character "Slate/Scroll" from GW

Verbatim from "The Artifcer"

Be'Lakor, The Dark Master Dataslate/Battlescroll

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The Dark Master is back.  That's right, the first daemon prince has his own rules again.  But unlike before, where he only had rules in Warhammer, he now also has rules in the far future.  For simplicity's sake, the first half of the post will be about his 40k rules, and the second half about his fantasy battles rules. So, without further ado:

Okay, for starters, The Dark Master has a seriously nasty sat line:
Weapon Skill 9
Ballistic Skill 5
Strength 6
Toughness 5
4 Wounds
Initiative 8
5 Attacks (6 on the charge)
Leadership 10
4+ Invulnerable Save
Special Rules
Eternal Warrior
Fearless (what's you expect, he's almost a greater daemon)
Psyker (Mastery level 3)
Flying Monstrous Creature
Shadow Form: Be'Lakor has a 4+ invulnerable save and the shrouded special rule (+2 to cover)

Lord of Torment: Be'Lakor recieves D3 additional warp charge points if an enemy unit failed a morale check in the previous turn.

Psyker: Be'lakor knows all the spells from the telepathy discipline.

To add to this, Be-Lakor's warlord trait causes a -1 leadership penalty to all enemy units as long as he is alive.

Hellforged Artifact: The Blade of Shadows: Be'Lakor's sword has a strength of user +1 and an AP of 2.  In addition, it has the armor bane (strength+2d6 for penetration), fleshbane (wounds on a 2), Master-crafted (re-roll one failed to hit roll), and specialist weapon (no benefit for additional close combat weapon.

And you can get all this in a Chaos Daemons or Chaos Space Marines list for 350 points.

Now, on to the fantasy battles version.

Be'Lakor has pretty much the same stats in Fantasy as he has in 40k, with the exception that he has an 8 inch movement and that 4+ save is a ward save.

Special Rules:

Loremaster (Lore of Shadow)
Shadow Form: similar to before, Be'Lakor has a 4+ ward save and a -2 to hit modifier.

The Dark Master: enemy units within 12 inches of Be'Lakor get a -1 penalty to their leadership.

Lord of Torment: similar with the 40k version, Be'Lakor gets D3 additional power dice if an enemy unit failed it's morale test in the previous phase.

Magic: Be'Lakor is a level 4 wizard.

Blade of Shadows:  This time, the blade of shadows is a magic weapon that ignore all armor saves.

So, there you have it. Even when you consider how much the rules have changed from his previous incarnation, he still can be said to have gotten a lot nastier

Monday, 2 December 2013

Be'lakor is Back!

Be'lakor is back!

GW releases an update for one of my favourite Characters, both for 40K and WHFB:
A Black Librarty Battlescroll

" Legends tell of how Be'lakor was the first Daemon Prince created by the Chaos Gods, ruling over empires and tribes across the Old World since time immemorial. A master of manipulation and deception, the Daemon has been behind the fall of kings and deaths of countless champions, few experiencing his jealously as sharply as those that would usurp his place as favoured servant of the gods. Many a lord of the Dark Gods has been undone by putting their trust in the Daemon, realising only too late that Be'lakor’s dark designs serve only his own mysterious purpose.

This Battlescroll details the long history and evil desires of the Daemon Prince Be'lakor, as well as the full rules for using him in your games of Warhammer."

Not clear if his statline has changed, or how to field him.

Better dust him off...

Belakor Rules and stats WHFB and 40K

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