Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dark Elf Army Book finally in my sweaty paws

My DE Army book has finally arrived. Collected it from The Post Shop at Lunch time.

It is sitting in the car, waiting...

Could have had a hairy cadenza on Friday when I checked the mail, and there was a note from the postie: "Too big to fit in postbox"  Collect it from the Postshop on Tuesday!

You may ask why it took me so long to get a copy. The answer is in a previous post. Admin mayhem and issuing gift certificates in the wrong currency at GW. Anyhow, it has finally arrived.

So Labour Weekend was spent without the DE book.
Continued to modify the Dark Eldar Boat thingy I bought off James at the swap day. Also converting the Dark Eldar Wyches into Sisters of Pain (Slaughter)

Few Hours board gaming with my son and his friends:
 Luc, Logan and Jackson we played  the Aztlan Board game, an entertaining Risk-meets-Catan domination game. Good for a few hours' fun!



  1. looked like a good enough game, but sounded very similar to small worlds, which is one of my favorite board games (i attend board games night every friday, its ace)

  2. Was good good fun, sucked you in, ended up forming alliances and non-aggression pacts, only to turn on each other. Game mechanic is easy to learn and cards give you buffs and boons, not unlike WH blessings of the gods. Worth giving it a whirls. The boys played Zombies too for most of the rainy bit of the weekend.