Saturday, 14 November 2015

GW tring to woo us back? Merry Xmas from the Grinch who killed the Warhammer world

Ho ho ho... Merry Christmas everybody! GW doing a turn-around? 

We are not a gaming company. We sell toy soldiers.
In a huge turn-around the Grinch that killed Warhammer announce that they will again support some specialist games (that apparently made them money)

Many that saw this post thought it was a hoax, but confirmation came from GW itself. 
Seems the biggest specialist niche game, WHFB is not there, and neither is Mordheim. Clearly aimed at the blam-blam community, where their audience now lies. Oh yes, and we wont let go of that nice little income stream that is LOTR...

Soorry GW, too little, too late. In the words of Julius Caesatr: 
Alea jacta est.

Think the Age of Sigmarines was a bad roll...
lets go back to something that made us money.
"Traditional" WHFB may just be in that mix.
But has the pigeon flown the coop? For me it has.