Monday, 4 March 2013

Daemon Days

Daemon Days

So the new Daemon Army Book is out. I had planned on getting to Wellington on Saturday to get my copy, but a family crisis intervened. Had to content myself with digging out my DoCs, and dusting off a few half-finished projects:

1. Bloodletter Herald of Chaos.
Using the (now defunct) Confrontation Great Skull (Le Grand Crane), with some conversion

2. Old Bloodthirster (Really, really old model)
Bought one off Trademe, missing Left arm and whip. Have grafted a spare River troll arm on.
Will have to check stats to see as what I'll run him (generic photo)

3. And the Avatars of War Netherhound

All 3 had long been built and undercoated, now sporting first layer of paint after the weekend. Will get WIP pictures.
Painting them to match my Bloodletters, who are painted in an orange and yellow base-coat with a blood wash, drained from my radial artery (NOT)


  1. Always keen to have a look at daemons. You should bring your daemons and we could have a daemon off on Thursday. There are some fun synergies in the new book.

  2. Sounds good. I'm on call though, so will likely only get there well after 7. Will try and pick up Army Book from GW tomorrow.