Thursday, 14 March 2013

PanDaemonium Tonight: Giving New DoC Armybook a Whirl

PanDaemonium Tonight: Giving New DoC Armybook a Whirl
Daemons on Daemons:

Having been kept from wargaming last week by an unexpected reality check, and dealing with the real Flames of War, I'm now looking forward to finally giving my Daemons of Chaos an outing with the new rules.
Real Pandaemonium??

Hoping to get 2 games in tonight, one on 7th Ed rules to help Sam prepare for NatCon, and one using 8th Ed rules. Should be great fun. Have not had the time to complete my Rot-flies yet, so they won't be gracing the table, but a fist outing for my new heralds of Slaanesh, Nurgle and Khorne is definitely on the cards.

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