Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Chaos Daemon on Daemon action...finally

Chaos Daemon on Daemon action...finally

Finally got the elusive Daemon on Daemon action going at the Kapiti Wargames Club against Sam last week. My Nurgle army is still decidedly lacking in Numbers, so I decided to make up numbers with Slanneshi Daemonettes, and Fries. I mean Furies, here we go again with my food preoccupation....

Allowed my personal pride to overcome my need to field the Rot-flies, as they are still a WIP, as is my Cannon of Khorne (Can o' Khorne). I generally avoid to field unfinished models or proxies (just a personal foible)

Skulls for the Khornflake God!

Furies and Daemonettes. The Children of Nurgle were not to be seduced

The new rules certainly throw a few spanners in the works, as did Sam, fielding Great Unclean One, two Cans of Khorne, (or their proxies, as he's still working on 'em) and two Units of Plaguebearers, one being a bunker for Epidemius (sigh) with a champion, command and a Herald; 2 x Free-range Nurgle Beasts, and a unit of 4 Nurgle beasts, and a unit of 3 bloodcrushers. Though I'd indulge him, as we were still findin' out way with the new rules. He's only had 2 games with them, and this was my first...

I ran 30-40 each Khorne Bloodletters, Slaaneshi daemonettes, each with a Herald and Locus, a Tzeench Herald on disc, and a Bloodthirster, Furies as chaff/ diverters. Oh yes, and Karanak with 15 of his Daemondog buddies that ambushed so well that they never turned up for the whole of the game!

Used my Furie fries to block advancement of his plaguebearers and bloodcrushers for one entire round, the first, lol, before being flattened (Bit rusty on the daemon lore, forgot that daemons can't flee as a charge reaction), then he rolled on gifts that summoned a handful of plaguebearers, which he promptly used to block my Daemonettes, sucked them into a useless combat for the rest of the game, flank charged by Gr Unclean One, and they just sat there.

What the?  Hey? Where did they come from?

Cans of Khorne luckily did not do much damage, but I had to charge my Bloodletter into a unit to stop the two infernal machines from shooting at him.

Come on Epidididdaddy! Right here, right now! Don't just sit there counting...
What do you mean you've let the dogs out?  

Not really having much choice I attacked his bunker with my Bloodthirster, hoping to hack my way through to Epidemius. Challenged first by Champion,made mincemeat of him...then Herald, and while all of this was happening his brutishness was side-flanked by a  damn daemon dog, who then also issued a challenge. 
(Don't you just hate that new rule?)

Sucked in, sucked down and overwhelmed by Papa Nurgle..
into a tar-pit of attrition by ranks, from which there was no escape
 My Bloodletter had a snowball's chance.

1. Don't agree to proxies if you feel strong about WYSIWYG when it comes to compiling your own army.    
    What's good for the goose...is only good for the gander by negotiation.
     (Different though if you're helping a mate prepare/play test an army for tournament.)
2. If you buy hatred for your bloodletters, (via herald) remember to use it.
3. Furies can't feign flight or flee as a charge reaction. No daemons can.
4. Nurgle seems the way to go if you have Epidemius on your shelf (as I do) and enough plaguebearers
5. -1 AP on Daemonettes is useless against Nurgle Daemons (Even with the 2 attacks) Against softer targets I think it may be worth taking them still - Empire/Elves of all description etc - man-strength/toughness creatures in other words.


  1. Definately an incentive to throw away 7th ed tactics. I love Nurgle.

  2. Been building and painting furiously over the last week (in-between working in both my business and my wife's) She catered for a movie premiere last night, which left me with 2 of the kids ...and a my rot-flies, beasts of nurgle and plaguebearers...As I said, Papa Nurgle appears to be pleased. K'Urgath seems to have spawned more Children of Nurgle, Hahaahaaaaar...

  3. Don't think so, the 26th is my eldest daughter's 16th birthday, think we're planning a party that evening. May be able to negotiate something.