Friday, 15 March 2013

Alas, alack, no Daemon on Daemon action

Alas, alack, no Daemon on Daemon action

After my enthusiastic post about "Pandemonium"  coming last night I got a text from Sam asking if I could give Fern and her Night Goblins a game, as she was preparing for Natcon, and needed more games to practice. 
(Having played against his Daemons a lot, she needed another army to face off against) 

Last night also saw the start of a Mordheim campaign at the Kapiti Wargames Club.
I stood firm, as I have too many things on the boil at the moment, and had resolved not get sucked into Mordheim, much as I love the game. (WHFB Daemons and 20mm Flames of War Armies being built)

From the looks of it everyone was having a grand ol' time. Almost got tempted to join in.

So my Dark Elves stepped up to the mark, and my Daemons continued to languish on the shelf, and the DoC Army Book glowed red-hot in anticipation.All for the common good...

I played my DE list from NZTC with the exception of swapping the Death Hag's Manbane for the Sacrificial Dagger, and both mages running Lore of Shadows this time round. NatCon rules, so limitations of numbers of dice, shooter numbers and number of Hydras.

Took a while for Fern to prise herself from Mordheim, as one of her sons was just having so much fun in the last scenario being played. 

Waiting for her allowed me to continue with my assembly of Rot-flies, so I'm not really complaining.  We finally got underway, and the vagarities of playing greenskins once again added much entertainment. Pretty gutsy on her part,  I think, taking a goblin only army to Natcon. Fielded 4 trolls, 2 doom divers and 2 rock lobbers, 2 mangler squigs, 2 units of bowmen, 2 squig herds, 2 huge phalanxes of spearmen bunkering lvl 4 mage, and characters. I had 2 units of 16 and 15 ea Xbowmen, 30+ bunker of corsiars w my 2 mages, 2 repeater bolt throwers, Dreadlord on Black Dragon w Pendant, Magic Weapon (halberd) and Hydra. 2 units of 6 shades each.

Dang, I do hate mangler squigs and fanatics!. Thank goodness for multiple shot crossbows and DE bolt-throwers.Could have made a real mess of my closely packed units! Only lost a unit of Shades.Nice conversion in the making there!

No significant misfires the whole game. Got dangerously close to taking out my Hydra. Lack of leadership proved a problem, with several failed panic tests and her Goblin General Falling to the Daggers of Death Hag and her retinue. Winds of magic not exceptionally potent throughout the game, and no really spectacular spells getting off. 

Maybe a small exception in casting pit of shades with small template on her large spearman unit.

Gobbos held the Dark Elves pretty well, and may have done more damage if their hordes had got in to swamp the crossbowmen and corsairs earlier. Sea serpent standard and hatred, with an extra attack granted from the Cauldron equates to an absolute hail of attacks. Low Ld on the Gobbos proved to be an achilles heel once the General was gone, and they were out of range of the BSB. 

Failed panic test ? Wonder why. 
(Didn't play any cold ones this game, but this looks suspiciously like Malus Darkblade on Spite)

We finally had to abandon the game at the end of turn 3, (just before 12 midnight)  as time had run out (and brain fatigue was also setting in) Think I won by a narrow margin having killed her General. Very enjoyable game. 


  1. Keen for some daemon on Daemon action on Sunday at my place if you want?

    1. Hi Sam, I'd be keen - I've got to help Jeanine with a Wedding Saturday, and the work may spill over into Sunday, I'll let you know how things go

  2. Hermann, are you looking to come to Runefang? Early rego closes tomorrow

    1. Thanks Pete, will have to look at my diary. 26th is my eldest daughter's 16th Birthday, so I may not be too popular if I spend the whole weekend wargaming. On the other hand if evening events are planned....Will have to check with the director of the social calendar.