Thursday, 7 March 2013

Daemons of Chaos Book - Finally in hand!

Daemons of Chaos Book - Finally in hand!

At last, finally got my hands on that new Chaos Daemon book. Scanned through last night, will slowly work my way through it over the next few days.

A good read, well thought through, nerfing some of the overpowered units, and really introducing a great element of fun into the Daemons game. I'll probably also bemoan the fact that Fiends have to be in units of 3 now, and that the Masque and Blue scribes has been nerfed. (Thankful I haven't bought the Blue scribes model, nice as it is)

I did invest in the Rot-flies to bolster my nurgle army and the Tzeench Flamer disc. Still have to decide what build will be best.

I really love the element of change and fickleness of magic that has now been introduced to the DoC Armybook. I think it really reflects the nature of the Chaos energy, and how it can buff or damage. Losing a whole unit is not so flash, but I  think it fair given the nature of Chaos energies. It adds the fun element of Greenskins without sacrificing decent WS, S or T.

So I'm looking at my options for tonight's game night at the Kapiti Wargames Club:

(Drat: Still have to build my Rot-flies and Flamer Disc)
  • Bloodthirster
  • Bloodletters with Herald

? Possibly 2 or 3 Juggers (not so sure about this yet)
? or Kharnak and hounds, try ambush rule
  • Plaguebearers with herald
  • Epidemius

  • Herald of Zeentch on disc
? Furies

  • Nurgle beasts x 2 


  1. Daemons book is awesome. Welcome to the fold. I however will be bringing my 7th edition army, I just have to hone it for Natcon in 3 weeks.

  2. Lovin' it. Are we playing new book or old ?
    I won't be going to Natcon to play, but will come for a look-see and to support the club members who are playing

  3. I have to play 7th for the moment, I may bring my Nurgle 8th list.