Thursday, 28 February 2013

Can(on) of Khorne

Can(on) of Khorne

Much has been said at our  club about the Daemons' need for artillery (or not) and speculation on the stats on the Skull Canon of Khorne, now called the Can of Khorne for short. 

The model does have some aspects that make it less appealing to some, as Sam has nicely pointed out in his blog: Napalm elf and rebel scum

Very entertaining visual there. I'm not clear if Sam likes the motorcycle bits or not. I do not. Obviously there for the benefit of the 40K faction. I particularly dislike the parrot beak, that seems to be making its appearance everywhere. Does someone at GW have a Parrot Fetish?

The parrot-like Demigryphs and Griffons in the Empire army was bad enough. I was forced to buy 6 of these dislikeable animals just to remain competitive with my Empire Army, as everyone is now getting monstrous cavalry....Wondering what will the Dwarfs and Dark Elves will get??

 I was lucky enough to get 2 Forgeworld demigryphs for Xmas, but size is an issue. The Fantasy players at the club know how long I have been procrastinating on these disagreeable monstrosities. One box is half-way built, and the other still on the sprue.

Now the parrot pops up in the Daemon Army too. I have reconsidered on my knee jerk reaction about purchasing this apparently powerful weapon for my DoC army, and started rummaging in my bitz box.

I came up with this item that I originally intended to build a Chaos Cannon out of, but found too small. I also thought that it may attracts some derisory comments due to its phallic looks.

I recon I could construct a very nice Khornish Nasty out of this, using two bloodletters as crew, and modifying the carriage. Will lose the little tracked bit, skulls by the score and a handful of greenstuff...Khorne's your Uncle!
A passable Can o' Khorne!

I think it is most appropriate for a weapon that looks like it may flaming attacks and a 48 inch 
reach, D6W’.  It looks like it can move and shoot like an Ironblaster and is only 135 points.
If it hits you you are probably F*%$#d.
So the phallic look may be very appropriate.
To be continued...


  1. Oh baby! What is it that cannon. That looks pretty good, is it slaaneshi?

  2. I have no idea, not sure if its GW or another manufacturer, been lurking in my bitz box for a couple of years. I got it off Phil, who got it as part of a bulk deal on Orcs and Goblins.