Friday, 16 November 2012

Warrior Priests and Spiritual Fortitude

Spiritual Fortitude: Warrior Priests and Witch Hunters

The good citizens of the Taal Valley are besieged by dark forces, incursions of Chaos, and all manner of temptation to turn to the Dark side.

Map of the Empire, showing Talabecland, with Talabheim on the banks of the River Taal, and how Ostland and Stirland Act as buffers to the East

Luckily they have the Warrior Priests and Witch hunters to fortify them against this onslaught, find and eliminate these heretics, converts of Darkness and unbelievers.

Two of my Warrior Priests

Vampire and Witch Hunters, and a stern Master Engineer with a brace of Pistols

Talabheim Heroes and Lords with Luther Huss (unpainted) and Valten (Part Painted)
Second row: Reiksguard, Captain of the Reiksguard and Elector count of Reikland acting as the Emperor's Bodyguard


  1. That's an impressive array of troops! Nice use of a pool table as a table for displaying them :-)

  2. Thanks, Scott. Doubles as a base for my wargames table too :)
    Multi tasking taken to the next level!