Thursday, 15 November 2012

Empire Conflagellation

Empire Conflagellation

(or lets all flagellate together now...)

I got my whole Empire Army (barring artillery) out last night, and arranged them on my gaming table.
Did I hear a cry of "solo wargaming !"; Scott ? You may call it solo gaming, I may Armies on parade....
Lets admit it, we all do it, our own little secret...

Without any buff and fluff, shields and upgrades I can probably field 10 000+ points. 
The Army contains many Mordheim Skirmish Models. (Skirmish games being another love of I have.) 

I have based them on square bases, not always ideal for skirmish games, but this means they can be used as part of standard WHFB armies too, so the Sisters of Sigmar can join the Army either as alternative Warrior Priests (Nuns) or part of a flagellant band. The Mordheim Empire Witch Hunters can fulfill a similar role.

How about a unit just containing Warrior Priests or Witch Hunters?

Who said self flagellating religious fanatics need to be only male? 

This picture is off the net, but my paint scheme is similar (Blue) for my Nordland Sisters of Sigmar

Generic pictures: Will post some of my own tomorrow, geting the wide angle lens out...
Pictured above is one of my favourites, the infamous Nun Chuck with her ubiquitous nunchaku shaped flail. A nice visual pun!


  1. Nowt wrong with ringing your own bell mate! ;-)

  2. I am told Skaven players are particularly good at that!
    The trick is never to let go of the rope or hang on for too long, for that matter!