Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The border provinces: Talabecland and Talabheim

My Empire armies are based on the Town of Talabheim and it's bordering countryside, Talabecland.
Their impressive red and white livery is what I originally started with when I started collecting Empire.

Knights of the White Wolf and a Warrior Priest of Ulrik are at the disposal of the Count, as is adequate numbers of Nulnish artillery. Proximity to the Drakwald has caused many Wizards to aggregate in and around Talabheim to bolster the spiritual defense of these embattled areas.

Knights of the White Wolf, filled with the spirit of Ulrik, gallop into the fray

The banner still needs painting

Alternative Karl Franz, from the now defunct Confrontation range

His shield is in for repairs after taking a very heavy beating from Gorbad Ironclaw

Heraldry of Talabheim

Part of the lead and plastic pile of shame: Un-built Demigryph cavalry, Greatswords, and special characters. 

Grand Master of the Reiksguard and Elector Count of Reikland

A few of the wizards in my collection

I also run a Nordland army, based around the coastal city of Marienburg. The Maritime flavour is reflected in the iconography and city colours; blue and yellow. The latter colour not reflecting the valour of these oft beseiged troops. Attached to this, in light blue is a band of Kislevite archers and the Ice Queen, hopefully one day expanding into and entire army. More photos to follow


  1. Srsly Herman, put together the Demigryphs, you know you want to.

  2. LOL. I've finally got the remaining Greatswords out of their box!Want to complete this unit first, before starting on the Demigryphs, besides my workbench is currently covered with Australian and Indian Desrt Army figures, about 100 in all!

    Half the Greatswords have been undercoated, the rest await assembly. Had a meeting last night, and another tonight,(drat) so no likely progress by Thursday. I have made progress w almost completing painting my 3rd warrior priest, BSB and Karl Franz on foot, (just about done); and so is my Huntsmaster and Witch Hunter. Watch this space. The Empire may just appera on a table near you soon...