Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stop me before I Paint again...

Stop me before I paint again...

Terrible thing, this obsession with models and painting. My kids got me this poster to hang in the Man Cave last year:
 Photos of the current layout, with the new shelves for storage and display, the cupboards with models in their storage boxes. I didn't get a shot of the piles of shame under the counter (Models yet to be built)

The entire work space incorporating the libations station on the left

Empire Troops en masse and modelling and painting equipment

The painting corner

Storage shelves

Paints, bases and bitz

The WW2 and Train storage area

WHFB Storage Cupboard:
Top shelf: Odd shaped and sized models (Chaos Daemons , Dark Elves , VCs and Greenskins)
2nd Shelf: Luc's Lizard Men and Ogres, my Dwarfs
Third Shelf: Luc's Tau, Undead (Vampire Counts) and Dark Elves
Bottom shelf: Empire Artillery, Greenskin Cavalry, assorted war machines, War Altars etc

WW2 figuers (part built/painted) and Modelling Literature overflow , Terrain and Realm of Chaos.
Mordheim bits also live here, including a conversion of Preacher Joseph (54mm) as an Empire Ogre Mercenary. The empty space at top right is where the 40K Vehicles used to live. They are about to be listed on Trade me (E-bay equivalent here in NZ)

Ok, so the sorting and arrangement is over. Let's get back to some serious modelling. Getting to grips with Kurt Helborg (R) and Ludwig Schratzhelm (L), arch rival special characters of the Empire