Monday, 19 November 2012

Emo Knights? Knights and Priest of Morr

The Knights of Morr and their Warrior Priest

The Knights of Morr are the Dark Underbelly of the Empire. 

The preoccupation of the Wizards and Priests of Morr with Death and its trappings are clear from the Iconography they choose. Generally shunned by the populace, who give them a wide berth these knights will fight evil with evil. Some say they are already Undead themselves...

Work in progress, the Knights of Morr riding out in search of the enemies of the Empire as the sun sets and the creatures of the night start stirring...

The last rays of the setting sun glint off the dark armour and funerary purple livery of the Knights of Morr

 The Grand Master of Morr and his Warrior Priest, together with the command group. As befitting a Warrior Priest of Morr, the WP does not carry a Hammer of Sigmar, but rather the Scythe of Morr

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