Monday, 1 April 2013

Nurgle Soulgrinder conversion

While everyone was away at Natcon, and doing very well, thank you very much...

I see Sam Campbell took out 3rd place (not bad after a decade or more's hiatus, and just NZTC under his belt) and Hamish also up there in the top 10; and just outside the top 5. Congrats Kapiti Wargames Club Members !
Great going Nick and Fern too, taking Orcs and Goblins up against the big cannons! Well done to Sam Whitt for winning. Druchii rule supreme!

Wish I could have been there! But some of us had to work...
Anyhow, got a few hours' work of converting and painting in.

Decided to finish a conversion of a 40K Chaos Defiler into a fantasy Soulgrinder I had started when the rule addendums and new models came out last year. I was planning to make it a Khorne Soulgrinder.
(Could go with the food theme again here, and call it a Khorne Grinder, but I will restrain.)

I have decided to finally get rid of all my 40K models, as 40K has never really grown on me.
Bang, bang, bang, and little strategy...just who has the biggest and most guns.

It's just like playing against Dwarfs all the time.  Anyhow, my Blood Angels have mostly gone, some SM Landraiders, CSM Nurgle Army etc still looking for a home.

With Nurgle showing to be ascendent in the game, I  decided to rather turn the model to the green side.

It had orginaly been painted as Chaos United SM (sounds like a football team, doesn't it?)
It had a definite  leaning to Khorne, in black, red and gold. But as you can see, no more!

Should actually have got a picture before I got stuck in, but its too late now:

One or two scoops of plague for you?

Prepare to receive the blessings of Father Nurgle!

So I ripped the right arm and cannons off, replaced it with a Plague Flail fashioned from a river troll hand and a scratch-built nurgle arm. I based this around the hind leg of a giant skeletal horse I once bought for $5, thinking it would eventually come in handy. So yesterday was the day it did. Really got stuck into my bitz box...

Banishing thoughts of Natcon from my mind; I got stuck in with Knead-it (as it would just have taken too much greenstuff - read $$) and created an insect-like abdomen.

Inspiration was from the shapes of the plague-drones I was painting in parallel.
Only problem with Knead-it is that you have to work bloody fast and accurately, as it sets very quickly (and rock-hard). Ork-hide shade basecoat (Yes, my paint station is still brimming with old GW paints) and away we go...

Those that are about to be rocked, we salute you! Splat! Here comes more! Splat!

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  1. Awesome conversion Herman, Praise be to Papa Nurgle.