Monday, 15 April 2013

Goodbye 40K: Selling all my Space Marines and CSM

 I finally decided 40K is not for me. 
So goodbye to the lovely models I never used...

I have too many WHFB armies and 20mm WW2/FoW too. So I'm getting rid of what is left of my 40K stuff. Some sold at the Kapiti Wargames Club Swop Meet and on TradeMe (NZ equivalent of EBay)
Put the balance up last night: Over 35 listings (Along with my daughter;s ballet shoes that are now to small (LOL)

Here is the link if anyone is keen :
Herman's 40K stuff to go by next Sunday


  1. Some really nicely painted stuff there mate, love's a shame the new ed of 40k just doesn't cut it....the fluff is so good though...

  2. Thanks, not all my own work, some stuff I got off Trademe too. Just couldn't get into 40K, possibly because SMs really sucked compared to some of the other armies. Tried upgrading to Blood Angels, just to find that I was entering an arms race... Have decided to stick with fantasy (and WW2:
    my other blog: