Monday, 22 April 2013

Knightly Orders: The Parrots of Doom

The Order of the Parrots of Doom

So Sam's challenge to actually paint my Demi-griffs as parrots set me a-thinking. 
And a-researching.

It appears that there actually exists a little known Order of Knights in the Warhammer World, that few know of, and even fewer dare speak of:


My sources advise me that this little-known order has Chapters in each and every one of the Empire's Provinces. The Elector Counts will  only call on them in the most dire of times, and only when all other Knightly Orders, including the Reiksguard Knights have failed.

It is said that the Order of the Parrot of Doom was created after the Emperor sent a ship full of knights from Marienburg  to combat the increasing hazard poised by an influx of pirates from Buccanalia. The Pirates of Buccanalia were solidly defeated by a single charge of these daring knights, then equipped with warhorses and lances. They have never dared come near the Empire ever again.

The Emperor rewarded these brave knights for their martial prowess  by creating a new Knightly Order: 
The Order of the Parrots of Doom

For their diligent service the surviving knights, and their Grand Master, Paul E Wantzacraker, were allowed to try and mount and control one of the Emperor's rarest creatures, the Parrot-griff. 

Those that survived the ordeal, and gained the trust and respect of these vicious creatures, were allowed to join the order, and claim the parrot-griff as their personal mount. The ones that didn't, oh well....

Many a survivor carry the scars of those razor-sharp beaks. Beaks that can crack nuts. Many survivors walk in an awkward way. Oh well...

So came I to the famed Parrot-griffs: 

I mulled over my two armies, the Armies of Nordland and Talabecland/Talabheim. I mulled on the multitude of livery and colours of the Empire's heraldry, and on my initial knee-jerk reach for snot green and blood red. 

No, that just would not do! Only proper research would lead me on how to paint my Parrot-griffs!

    The Stirland River Patrol Parrot-Griff ?

The Nordland Parrot-Griff?

Marienburg Parrot-Griff?

Parrot-Griffs of Talabecland, Hochland, Ostland, Wissenland and Altdorf ?

The wise Parrot-Griffs of the Elector Counts of Nordland and Middenheim 
at rest outside the Imperial Palace ?

The Ancient Parrot-griff of Wissenland ?

So, did all this research make me any the wiser?

I am sad to say, no matter how I tried I could not get myself to paint a Parrot-griff

So what is so wrong with the Parrot-griff ?

The Jaw-dropping answer:

 Observe, dear Watson:

Enough said !

So I'm painting my Demi-griffs something along the lines of a Bald Eagle or an African Fish Eagle:

 Bald Eagle

African Fish Eagle

Martial Eagle

 Thought I'd share this with you.
 I now declare my parrot rant officially closed. 
Or is it...


  1. NEVER, if you dont have the balls to do parrots i just might have to (just one unit of them to show you!)

  2. Bring it on Nic. I've only done half of my unit so far. (And a matching forge-world PROPER Demi-griff)

  3. Parrots of doom = AWESOME, anything else is just 2nd rate. You know you want to.