Saturday, 20 April 2013

High Elves Incoming ?

High Elves Incoming ? 

OK so it's clear the next release GW will be HE. 
Timeous leak of the White Dwarf pictures a week or two out from publication...
Makes you wonder if it's really leaks or just clever marketing, getting the fans to blog about it, and so on...

Anyhow I'm relieved that I don't play HE, as my wallet is still groaning from WoC and DoC releases.

Most of my Armies have now been updated to 8th Ed, starting with Greenskins, Empire, Vampire Counts, WoC and DoC. Languishing at the bottom of my cupboard are the Dwarfs and their well overdue Armybook. Still lovin' the Dark Elves, but they can certainly do with an overhaul and some new models.
My son, Luc, is halfway there with a new Ogres Book, and the Lizardmen are also crying out for some lovin'.

So most of the speculation is now over:

Pointy Ear Warriors get:

Some nice new characters with flamboyant headgear. 
Girly models to please the fairer sex and those who like to model sexy figures and flowing hair. 
Avian raptors that have the right beak configuration (My favourite gripe at the moment - GW's parrot fervor.) For goodness sake guys, get it tight ! 

They do seem to have got it right this time - the mandibles of the birds are shaped correctly,

Core :
Spearmen -  new models prob soon to follow, as rumour has it old ones have been pulled off the shelves.
Archers -  Poss new models here too? 
Lothern Sea Guard
Silver Helms
Tiranoc Chariot
Shadow Warriors

Special :

Ellyrian Reavers
Chrace Chariot - Lion Charions Gone? New Model?
White Lions
Dragon Princes (Horse)
Great Eagles
Bolt Thrower

Rare :

Dragon Princes (monstruous cavalry)
Phoenix Guard
Saphery Chariot

Not clear if Maiden Guard are to be Rare or Special, and what stats to expect
My guess: Longbows, Spears, WS 5, BS 5, 5+ ward save (LA and some sort of fighting style to get a 5+ save), Stubborn, LD 9. If they're back, so is the Everqueen, who may buff them up more, or make them a core choice. .

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