Saturday, 23 February 2013

Daemons of Chaos Army Book 2013 Pre-order and Limited Ed Armybook

Daemons of Chaos Army Release (2013)
 Pre-order and Limited Ed. Army Book

OK, so the Pre-Orders are up on the GW Website:

The Army Book will look like this, retails for $98.00 NZ 

FOUR Limited Edition Fancy cover Army Books, featuring, by the looks of things, Blanchitsu's artwork.
Each with one of the Chaos Lores on the front page, and themed accordingly:

Price: $180 NZ

Blood Throne of Khorne

Surely this will end up being called the Cannon of Khorne
Think I'll call mine the "Can of Khorne" for short - will probably be getting this model

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot

May well consider getting this one too

Plague Drones of Nurgle

May get these for my Nurgle Army too.

Other Heralds? Meh! 

$46 each, with the Nurgle one at $30?

More than just a little disappointed in the Khorne, Nurgle and Slaneeshi models. 
I think they lack originality, and are overpriced. 

Will stick with my own conversions or more elaborate bases. 
Or better looking competitor models at a lower price - many out there now..

And...Why, Oh Why would you make the Nurgle Herald 
$16 cheaper than the Khorne and Slaneesh Heralds?

Battle Magic Cards $22

I won't go on to berate the pricing structure of GW.

We all know that NZ is getting the short end of the stick...
I see players in the US and Europe complaining on the forums that they have to pay $20 for a Herald!

My browser must have opened on the US site, and for a minute I was delighted to see the Army Book at $49.50.
But then reality struck home and I realised that for some reason I was not on the NZ website...


  1. Nurgle Herald is plastic, rather than failcast, I believe. Hence the price variance.