Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Theft most foul in Kapiti

Someone's whole Warhammer collection WHFB and 40K Stolen.

Just got this post on our club website, from Mark Ternent, our immediate past president:

Theft alert:
Help from all gamers and modelers please - stolen gear.

My neighbour's grandson was staying and had his entire Warhammer (fantasy and 40k) collection he has been working on since he was a kid, stolen from his car on Sunday night when the storm came through. Also his Xbox, PC, Playstation, Nintendo games and machines, comics, etc.

These may be passed on locally, so if you have any ideas, post here, call me on 04 297 1040 or txt 029 904 2600, or call the Police.

Please help if you can. Douglas, as a gaming community we hope that you get your models back.

(This theft took place in Paraparaumu. Clearly the thieves knew what they were taking. It is likely that these models may surface on eBay or Trademe. We appeal to our gaming community to help stop this thief. Even if it won't bring back our fellow gamer's models, we can stop him from moving them!) Click on the link to the rightful owner's FB page for images:

Some stand-out models and paint-jobs :


  1. I came across this listing on trademe; An xbox bundle being sold from a $1 reserve, from a seller with Zero feedback rating, based in Palmy - i just got a tingle on my spideysense... is this your mates xbox?

    1. I think they had a look, wrong colour, but thanks Scott. Vigilance may well turn these up. I just hope they were'nt just tipped into a rubbish bin when the thief realised it was not electronic equipment

  2. Hi - just wondering if you got any positive news on this theft?