Sunday, 20 April 2014

WIP Progress reports

Dark Barque and Matincore, Dragonet comin' along....

OK, I have been pretty lax with the progress reports. Been doing a lot of basing and building on my Dark Elf Army, when I was getting ready for NZTC. D-day preparations have taken over big-time though, (Kapiti Wargames Club having an open day 10 May 2014, and I'm refighting the Sword Beach landings) and I'm furiously working on my 20mm WW2 armies and terrain at the moment. Got side-tracked to post on WW1 though, and SA's experience at Delville Wood, effectively SA's Gallipoli.

Alternative Sisters of Slaughter are now done, converted from Dark Eldar Wyches. I'm happy with the end result. Got a few compliments at NZTC.

Did not going to run them at NZTC though. Ran the B*tch bus with two Hydras. Didn't have enough points to give them breath weapons, which, in retrospect was a mistake. Using that on trolls to negate regen or empire mounts could have been useful.

Either way, the Matincore is progressing pretty well, but I need to find a Beastmaster or Dreadlord to ride the beastie. Same for the Dragonet. Using a standard sorceress for Morathi as an alternate Pegasus. The look of the army is coming together nicely now...

Nice action shot of my Morathi bravely (or foolishly) taking on a Daemon Prince

2 x Sea-blue Hydras, Matincore and Morathi on a Dragonet, Black Dragon now also highlighted w sea-blue (hawk turquoise, or whatever it is called now days, tints/shades) Warlocks coming along nicely with washes in same livery. They did do some damage at NZTC. Poisoned attacks and that nasty Doombolt spell.

Also steadily and slowly working on the Empire, with my Parrot riders now nearing completion. I have no idea why these models seem to be such an effort to work on. Liked John Murrie's Demigriff paint job for his mate Reagan. Went up against them at NZTC.

The Forgeworld Demigryffs were such a pleasure! I have to admit that I keen getting side-tracked by Dark Elves and Daemons and WoC.

So now I have on my workbench: Scourgerunner, and the new Cauldron/Medusa kit. Liking the latter a lot. Will keep my old Altar and cauldron, and likely build this one as Medusa or possibly try and magnetise to make an interchangable multi-use model. Have also considered Altering the Dark Barque to accept the Medusa...

And then GW brings out a Dwarf book...

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