Sunday, 2 March 2014

NZTC 2014 taken by the Aussies!

New Zealand Warhammer Fantasy Team Championships 2014

taken out by the Aussies

The winners: "Team with the Guy"

The standings

The 2-Day 2014 NZTC wrapped up today. Two teams from our club entered- the hardened veterans (Beauty and the Beasts) and the Newbies (1/250th of the Legion of Doom) 

Congrats to " Team with the Guy" , who took out the honours ! Well done guys. Well Done Pete and his Team, a most enjoyable event. It all ran like clockwork (as far as I could see) Thanks for all the hours you must have put in to make this happen!

Moriathi and the Daemon Prince

Many the hard-core tournament players and gamers from NZ (and some from Aus) were there. Lists to make you quake in our boots, any way for the newbies in our team. Some real filthy lists out there. Two days of Warhammer Fantasy hayhem and enjoyment ! As we languished in the bottom ranks I enjoyed this years tournament a little more than last, as there was not as much pressure to perform. I did get thrown under the bus a few times though. Then so dis most of our team. 2 newbies, and the rest of us pretty green, and really just recreational players. 

As you can see B and B came in 7th and the Legion of Doom got the wooden spoon. Well done to all the Kapiti Players who took part !

 I'm sure Pete will post all the final results, but here is a snapshot of the final score. And yep, that's us...Team 1/250th of The Legion of Doom. Right at the bottom.

My Druchii took their second tournament scalp,an Empire General this time. My 14 year old son Luc, easily the youngest player on the day, also took his first scalp, in his first ever WHFB  tournament. Not bad I'd say...

Well done to Rex and David too, with (comparatively)  under-powered lists they soldiered on regardless...
Great going guys!

Will post more tomorrow...habe lotsa photos! Feel free to use my photos, but please give me credit for my shots :)


  1. Yep it was a fantastic event if somewhat draining with 3 rounds on the Sunday. Looks like us Bucketheads nearly snatched the Wooden Spoon off you in the end.

    Congrats to your son Luc too my mate Adam (whose Dwarfs he played) and I had a good chat to him and he's a great kid and it would be good to have him come back for more tournaments. Hope he keeps up with the Ogres too as I think he'll have fun with them - always like to see younger players joining in with us old folk.

    1. Thanks John. We enjoyed playing the Bucketheads.Snatched that wooden spoon from right under your noses! It was great not to have the pressure that the top guys were playing under, and just to have some mildly competitive fun. Have already spoken to Adam and Reagan about an inter-club friendly. Luc enjoys his Ogres, and has been building a Lizardmen army too. Would be good to see the skink cloud nerfed a bit :). Glad to see a limit on the Skullcannons. Hate those darn things!