Monday, 3 March 2014

2014 NZTC More Photos: Winners and Angry Birds Photo-bombing

2014 NZTC a Big Success

The Dice are cast and the days are done
The battles fought, and won...

Day one: And everyone is in the spirit. Team shirts abound, as does team headgear. 
Shirts Off kept their shirts on, much to everyone's relief

Much playing and deliberation

Calculating and checking. Speaking about headgear...

The spoils of war:

Best Presented Army

The Bronze Medal: 


And the Winner is...
Sam Whitt!

Tournament Winners

In Third Place:
Team DILF (Still wondering about that abbreviation...)
Photo-bombed by an Angry Bird!


Second Place: Shirts Off !

And in First Place, with a score of 315:
The Team with the Guy:

 The Most Sporting Team:

Grumpy Old Men. Obviously not that grumpy or old either!

And the Wooden Hammer (Spoon) goes to:
The Legion of Doom

Feel free to copy and use my photos, but please credit me
(and a link to my blog would be nice- H.)


  1. Cheers for the photos mate, and a special thanks to your teamate David, for his valiant stand with Dwarves against the tides of Daemon hordes in round 6.

    1. My pleasure, we had great fun. Thanks for great games. A h-u-u-ge learning curve for most of our team, being pretty green at WHFB tournaments. We can only do better next year!