Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NZTC: 1/250th Legion of Doom The Underdogs?

NZTC: 1/250th Legion of Doom: Underdogs ? Or Antiheroes

 While I was away in Europe our team for the NZTC became 1/250th of the Legion of Doom

My knee-jerk was that this refers to the DC Comics Team of Anti-Heroes, but just to be safe I googled it, and came up with the following options: (Wikipedia):

Legion of Doom can refer to:

  • Legion of Doom (DC Comics), a group of DC Comics supervillains that appeared in Challenge of the Superfriends - Ok, thats possibly us
  • Legion of Doom (hacking), a hacking group that took its name from the supervillains.. No hacking skills I am aware of
  • The Legion of Doom (mash up group), a mash-up group... No mashing skills that I am aware of either. Music, I presume. We can mash up a Warhammer game though.

  • Legion of Doom (ice hockey), nickname for the line of ice hockey teammates Eric Lindros, John LeClair, and Mikael Renberg ... No skills here, so definitely not us
  • Legion of Doom, the name that the professional wrestling tag team, the Road Warriors, and their manager, Paul Ellering, used while in the WWF/WWE... I never went professional, and only did two years of amateur wrestling back in the 70s. Was no good at that anyhow.

Either way, I strongly suspect we may be the Underdogs in the tournament. We are tournament newbies, shaky on the rules, struggling with even getting our lists right, limited model availability and choice for out armies, we may appear a bit shaky. 

Having gone through the lists submitted I also have no hesitation in predicting that we may struggle against the big guns: Throgg Lists, Skull Cannon crossfire, Epidemius and Conga-lines of Beasts of Nurgle, Monstrous Cavalry Buses and Shooty and Magicky lists

Or will we simply be crushed?

So we're going to have to dig deep and hope to find the 1/250th shard of Kryptonite on the day. 
We are, however very motivated and ready to rumble!
Bring it on!

Gentlemen, choose you characters. Here are some suggestions. (13 to choose from): 

MemberAlter egoDescriptionPowersTraditional enemyPossible ID
BizarroBizarroTwisted doppelganger of Superman from Bizarro WorldSame as Superman, but often behaves in an erratic and irrational mannerSupermanErratic ? Irrational?  Who throws dice?  
Black MantaUnknownDeep-sea diver and would-be ocean conquerorEnhanced strength, water breathing ability (through artificial gills), high tech equipment, freaking laser beamsAquamanProbably Herman or Luc ?
We both scuba dive.
BrainiacVril DoxEvil androidSuper-intelligence, advanced technology. Who plays 40K. Dave, Rex...Superman
Captain ColdLeonard SnartBlue-suited master of low temperaturesFreeze ray guns. Dave? In Winter, opening the Club when its cold?The FlashOnly in winter when the heating's not on at the club
CheetahPriscilla RichCat-suit-wearing womanCat-like reflexes, claw-tipped gloves...NahWonder WomanNo gurlz in our team
GigantaDoris ZeulStole Apache Chief's magic powder to duplicate his powersAbility to grow, super strengthWonder Woman[2] and
Apache Chief
No big guyz in our team
Gorilla GroddGorilla GroddMegalomaniacal exile from Gorilla CitySuper-intelligence, super strength...The FlashIntelligenz yea, stength naw..
Lex LuthorLex LuthorFounder and leader of the Legion of DoomEvil genius, highly-advanced weaponry, plays 40KSupermanHas to be Rex !
RiddlerEdward NigmaUses riddles to taunt and confuse adversaries while committing crimesPuzzle creation, problem solving, super intelligent evil genius, puzzle themed traps and gadgets.Batman and RobinProbably Luc !
ScarecrowProfessor Jonathan CraneUses his fear gas to bring peoples' worst fears to lifeGas Weapon. Lethal in close confines: We have all been known to use this weapon of mass destruction. We will ritually eat cabbage, onions and beans before the tournament. Batman and RobinShhhh... Our secret weapon !
SinestroSinestroRenegade ex-Green LanternYellow power ring. OK, who took the Ruby Ring of Rhuin? Green LanternOK. Lets see your hands...
Solomon GrundyCyrus GoldA super-powered zombie born from the swampGreat strength, invulnerability... NawGreen LanternNo VC players in the team
ToymanJack NimballDresses as a jester; uses toy-based tactics to commit crimesCreates destructive toys
SupermanDave ? Herman? Luc? Rex?


  1. I still don't know who called us the legion of doom, whoever they were also couldn't do maths very well.

    Also i like that on that table of Antiheroes i am the one whose name sounds most similar to mine, prehaps a hint a my true identity.......

    1. I thought you were to blame... Anyhow Black Manta is a Merman (Herman) LOL. Just a bit of fun. Couldn't resist the Lex/Rex?captain pun :)

  2. Hey, you aren't the only team running scared of the big bad lists >>

    1. Its good to hear that someone else is glancing nervously at all those WOC lists.

      And i wouldn't say we were running, more like advancing rapidly in the other direction

  3. Thanx Sam. Hilarity often takes the edge of fear!