Thursday, 12 February 2015

NZTC Time again: Legion of Doom flexing it's muscle (Yeah, right)

NZTC Time again: Legion of Doom flexing it's muscle 

(Yeah, right)

So here we go again. The premier event on the New Zealand Wargames Caledar. The 2015 NZ Team Championship. The Legion of Doom are ready to defend their title. As undisputed holders of the Wooden Spoon, we sally forth to meet the challengers. Shelving the Dwarfs this time, we have opted for 2 shooty armies and 2 Power-fist armies. Dark Elves, Wood Elves (expected to be more competitive this year, with a new book, and better models and stats); Ogre Kingdoms and Daemons of Chaos. 

So, underdogs of underdogs again, we are ready to rumble!


You only step on us ONCE !


  1. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. You never know, Team Nice (but Dim) might be contesting you for that spoon of wood.

  2. "Shelving the Dwarves"

    And so another kitten lives.....

    1. I played Skaven last night. I could hear the universe crying in pain every time Alan put a unit of rats down.

      Dirty, dirty Skaven.

  3. oooo the smack talk has started. Happy days