Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Khorne and the Incarnates

End Times V: The conclusion?

First sneak peeks...

So the first leaks have sprung: Khorne is unleashed on the Warhammer world, and we see some unusual alliances (by Old WH) world standards

Blight King equivalent monstrous infantry (possibly two builds) and the attempts of the remaining denizens to counter the unleashing of Khorne:

So it appears the broad factions prepared by the first 3-4 books, now come to fruition, atackers and defenders both alike, you could say:

 The Blood Hunt: 

  • 3 Named Greater Daemons- Blood Thirsters
  • The Huntsguards
  • The Hounds
  • The Barbadax (Skull cannon)

The Council of Incarnates

Malekith, Alariele, Balthasar, KFC, Nagash, Caradryan and Tyrion (Back from the dead)
PLUS the incarnate of beasts, GRIMGOR

The Berserker Onslaught: 

  • Archaon
  • Character I Cant make out
  • Valkia the Bloody
  • The Skullrage (Skullcrushers)
  • The Goremongers (Blight Kings/Wrathmongers- more likely)

The Legion of Flame

  • Vilitch the Curseling
  • The Azure Princes
  • The Fireborne
  • The Crowfane Horde
  • Sons of StormDark
  • Crusher

Defenders of the Dead and Buried

  • Vlad Von Carstein
  • Mannfred Von Carstein
  • Luthor Harkon
  • Captain Drekla
  • The Drakenhof Templars
  • The Nosantra, Mannfreds Lieutenant

Fiends and Betrayers

  • Be'Lakor
  • Hellebron
  • Drycha and Coeddil
  • The Carnival of Silence
  • The Cult of the Blood Queen
  • The Wildkin

The Stolen and the Rotten

  • Isabella the Accursed
  • The Nameless
  • Festerheart
  • The Legion of Soulblight
  • Pusregnant the Glorious
  • The Dominated Dead

 The Host of Life
Alarielle incarnate of life
The Everguard
The Ashenhawks
The Sisters of the Eternal Grove
Neastra and Arahan

The Incarnate Characters
 Sigvald seems to feature too:

 New Greater Daemons of Khorne: 2 or 3 Different Builds? "~ Unfettered Fury"

"~ Headsmen of Khorne"

 Exciting times ahead. So. No mention of Lizards, No Ogres, No Dwarfs.

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