Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Xmas fellow Gamers

Xmas in the Warhammer World: The year of Nurgle

Xmas 2014. So it was, an uneasy truce had settled over the Warhammer world. Or at least in our house.

The whole Warhammer world as we knew it has changed. Nagash is back, Settra is who-knows-where, as is a long list of other characters. Nurgle is rampant. Where is Morathi ? What will 2015 hold ? Archaon and the End of Times ?

Kislev is no more, Karl Franz and his turkey have fused to become KFC.

Dark Elf now embraces High Elf. (Yeah Right), and Malekith becomes the Phoenix King.

What the? Hey ! So we're mates now? All is forgiven?

or is it? 

Glottkin and his corpulent buddies are unleashed on the world, characters swap sides before you can blink. Or blink out of existence before you can think.

Old factions have reunited and new unholy (and wholly unexpected) alliances formed during the End Times.

Nurgle had ruled supreme this year at work; with malice and pestilence interfering with time for gaming in a big way. Terminally short of staff in 2014 , what started as a great foray to Europe and the US, ended up as being snowed under with work.

As for the Ogres, all migrating from the mountains, 
will Santa be visiting you this year? 
He's wearing a shiny new gutplate, anyhow...

Coming back with a massive haul of models, flexing my modeling and gaming muscle for a great year of wargaming turned into a year of furious graft to keep our business afloat.(From a man power point of view)

Nurgle imparted copious rancid visitation on one of my business partners: blessing him not with one, but two fractured legs. Six months apart. Read 3 to 4 months out of action with each fracture. Add to this a partner that migrated to the UK, one on Sabattical, and a  brand new rest home with a dementia wing and a hospital level care facility. Then one of our associates upped and left. Found myself working a day and a half a week just to keep the rest home covered...

Came Thursdays I struggled to drag myself to the club meetings. If I was not on call.

So 2015 is looking brighter: 3 new staff appointed, annual leave soon, and hopefully some time to indulge in actually reading the End Times books. May even get a few games in, and some time to build those models still sitting on the shelf.

Having said that, I have found the time to systematically repaint my Undead Army, who now eagerly awaits the coming of Nagash. We are hoping that he may show up in the Xmas stocking.

I've retouched my dwarfs, and given them a dull brown wash, making them look a little less garden gnomish, built and painted an alternative set of hammerers and Ironbreakers (Mantic); expanded my Slayer Army, and aquired another Gyrocopter.

My Nurgle army has also received some love, with Gutrot Spume, a Nurglish Cygor, Blight Kings and soon-to-be-painted Knights, Marauder Cavalry and Daemon Prince lining up for the Paint-pot. If Nagash can't make it into the Xmas stocking, I'm hoping that the Glottkin can.

So, not an altogether lost year of Warhammer gaming. Seems I actually got a fair whack of painting and building in. But not a lot of gaming. And the modeling was in fits and starts, the painting probably sanity preserving.

So all that remains is to wish you all the happiest of Christmases wherever you are, and a prosperous 2015, filled with health, love, laughter and lots of time to model, paint and game!

War. Man's second favourite pastime.


  1. Tough year mate!

    I know what you mean about painting keeping you sane...certainly helps me after a busy day... I think if more of us had some kind of hobby outlet... perhaps there would be less pills and potions being popped on the mental health front? ;-)

    But then that wouldn't be good for our businesses would it! ;-)

    Hope 2015 brings you a little more time away from work to enjoy the quality side of life and some gaming too!

    1. Thanks Scott. Best wishes for you and yours too. Will try and catch up for a game or two in the New year. Yup, Plague-father Nurgle keeps both of us in bread and butter, shouldn't complain, should we ! I'm certainly looking forward to a year with less work pressure. Time will tell.