Wednesday, 3 December 2014

End Times: 3500pt Dwarfs vs Glottkin, Guttrot Spume and the Blight Kings (well, sort of)

Wargames night,(now already several weeks ago) and Sam throws down the gauntlet.

He wants to run his great-looking Ctulu monster-thing as part of his intended Glottkin themed Nurgle Army in a End-Times game. Always up for a thrashing, I thought I'd run the army I'm workin' on at the moment:

Dwarfs. Vs Chaos Re-United. Daemons and WoC mortals all rolled into one with the end-times rules. Yeah right.

The Dwarf Throng of Karak Brakak eyeing the unimaginable horrors on the horizon

"Yeah right", many said. "Dwarfs? Didn't know you had a dwarf army. Never seen you play it. "

Actually I do, and yes, I recently dusted them off. And yes, I have not played them since 7th Ed. And yes, the dwarfish sit-and-wait-till-you-come-to me-and i'll-shoot-you-to-sh*t style of play does not really appeal to me. And frankly the dwarf book and the Dark Elf book was too close together for my wallet's liking. And I like DE's much,much better. So there...

Anyhow, I started building some hammerers and that organ gun that had been sitting on my shelf of shame for years; obtained the Dwarf book, and drew up an end-times army.
Sort of. Did not expect the dwarfs to be really competitive unless I took the gun-line. But that's not my style. Like to live dangerously, I do

Slayers strolling towards the Putrid Blightkings, Ungrim leading the way

So I went with a Slayer list, Longbeards and hammerers, 3 lords: Ungrim, a Dwarf Lord on Bearers in unit of Longbeards and Lord and Thane (BSB) with hammerers. Banner of Valaya on the Longbeards, 2 Rune priests; 2 x organ guns, flamegun and  cannon, dozen or so quarrellers with great weapons. Strollaz rune on Slayers.

Sam brought almost every horror that Nurgle ever created and marked aver WoC he had with Nurgle. Glottkin, Guttrot Spume, Putrid Blight kings, Furies of nurgle, Epidemius, plaguebearers, beasts of nurgle, spawn of nurgle. You name it, it was there. Stunties never stood a chance. Apologies for the poor quality photos- taken w my phone. Tried to castle. Sam went first, and it was game over for the dwarfs. Cthulu and the furies were too quick into the mix. He rolled nurgles rot repeatedly. My one organ gun never fired a shot, the rest of the artillery got in a shot each. Glottkin regenerated 'em.. Don't have the words to write a batrep. Too sad. Photos say it all.

Cthulhu ably standing in for the Glottkin

Maybe standing over would have been a better term..

Flood of Nurgle commences

Dwarf Lord and Thane going under in a tidal wave of Nurgle

Glottkin is soooo broken.

Armed my quarrelers with great weapons, so able to make a (slight) dent in Nurgle's puppy who was licking the last surviving flame cannon crewman to death. Not enough to kill it, and there was a conga line of more of 'em waiting

Death blows making a dent in the blight kings as the slayers meet glorious doom

Ungrim giving the thumbs up as he deftly slays the last of the putrid blight kings. He was the hero of the day for the dwarfs, in what was otherwise a bleak and one-sided contest


  1. Receive more nurgley goodness and if you're up for a rematch some time, I want to try a Morbidex Twiceborn Pestilent Swarm list with Nurglings. This is a war more fluffier list. That is once I have them assembled.

    1. Nurgle vs Nurgle, with 2 Epidemiuses (Emidemii ?) keeping tally?

    2. No Epi on my side. I'm going to run Pestilent swarm (varying numbers of bases with some Plague Gors in as well.

      When it gets put together, which is after this weekend.

      We still have 1 spot available for Inepticon though.

    3. Wish I could make it. This year has just been horrendous. Severely short-staffed, effectively 2.5 doctors short in our practice. Have been on call 2 weekends in a row, with two weekdays thrown in. I'd be keen for a rematch. Also eyeing KFC as a possibility...

  2. Damn! I'm looking at this naively (20+yrs since I played) ... but to me a points balanced game should not come out so one sided... if you were powerless to really contest the game in melee, then surely the points need adjusting? Unless there were some specific scenario condition special rules of the End Days thingie that deliberately favoured chaos, but if that were the case whats the point of playing the game if one side knows it cant win ahead of the game.... Or can dwarfs only win if they castle up with artillery?

    1. Welcome to the new Monsterhammer. The fluff was still hugely unbalanced at the time of the game, and to be honest I had not really read much of it, and am a very green player w the new dwarf rules. I think there are builds that could balance things better. I just don't have the models or suitable proxies. I could have buzzed him with gyrocopters and took the regen off him, etc. The dwarfs will undoubtedly receive some love in due course, and become competitive again. I am building up my nurgle force on the side, having just finished painting my undead. Never fear, I am plotting revenge...

    2. Need to hit him with flaming first and then other cannons, Dwarfs are really really good at the moment, which Macrae has proved. Maybe just copy one of his lists and run with it.

      Although I am getting tired of playing dorfs at the moment, they seem like the in thing, 4 out of my last 5 games have been against stunties.

    3. I'll bring my Empire or undead list then. May have to proxy Nagash though...