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End Times 4: Skaven Incoming ! Veminlord sighted

So it is Skaven Next up! Verminlord in 5 incarnations sighted

First pics from the White Dwarf have leaked and advance order is open on the GW site:

Pete and Hamish lick your chops ! Verminlord options x 5, as big as Nagash. On the picture you can just make out Nagash's Sceptre and Spirit hots. That gives you an idea of the size of the Verminlord.

White Dwarf cover and the massive Verminlord, which is  one of 5 different builds from the Verminlord kit:

"Verminlords are living icons of ruin; towering figures possessed of raw power and feral savagery. As avatars of the Horned Rat they can call upon fell energies, manipulating the weak-willed into doing almost anything they will.

 Towering over the rest of the Skaven range, this is a fantastic centrepiece miniature that oozes menace.

 This multi-part plastic kit can be made one of five distinct Verminlords. Whichever one you choose to assemble, the legs and body are used as the core to then add the following details to:

 Verminlord Warbringer is armed with a doom glaive and punch-dagger and is notable for featuring a spiked helmet.

 Verminlord Warpseer is armed with a doom glaive and scry-orb.

 Verminlord Deceiver is armed with a doomstar (in the shape of the Clan Eshin rune) and a warpstiletto. It’s head wears a mask and hood to hide its features.

 Verminlord Corruptor is armed with 2 plaguereapers. It has a skull head with broken horns and a mane of long hair.

 Skreech Verminking is armed with a plaguereaper and a doom glaive and has a unique half rotten face.

 The Verminlord has 61 components and is supplied with a 60x100mm monster base.

....Now lets wait for the stats...

Images and description copyright GW, No infringement intended merely a fan...

The new Vermin Lord is as large as the Nagash model judging from the pics

The January release schedule is as follows:

10th (preorders Fri 2nd) is the new Vermin Lord

17th Thanquol End Times book and model

24th new unit, armoured rat ogres called Stormfiends plus clam pack Warlord and Grey Seer and re release of old Warlock Engineers

Stat Rumours ex Faeit 212:
Verminlord Deceiver is one of the builds from the new kit. He is a level 4 wizard that must have Skitterleap as one of his spells. Crazy number of rules. Immune to psychology, terror, scurry away, large target. He has a 5+ ward save, is a Rat Daemon with Daemonic Attacks, which makes all his attacks magical.

He can re-roll casting for skitterleap and all shooting attacks against him are at a -1.

He has a stiletto that is armour piercing and poisoned and a ranged weapon 12" that has poisoned attacks, quick to fire, and arced attacks, meaning he gets as many shots as what is in the first rank of the unit being targeted.

I'm sure you have seen the pictures by now, but he is huge with 6 wounds and a toughness of 6. Definitely crazy.

We saw the new cover art for End times 4. It's rat caster riding some Monster with a cannon. (Sorry not to familiar with skaven)

Plastic Vermin Lord to make 5 different kits: White dwarf 2 weeks from now will feature the release of a plastic vermin lord kit, will make 5 alternate models with different themes:

1. Eshin, 1 Grey Seer, 1 Warlord, 1 Moulder and one supposed "Vermin King".

Eshin one can be skitterleapt and gets re-rolls to cast skitterleap, grey seer one always gets 6 on the d6+1 part of warp lightning casts. No further information about the others or point costs, but allegedly he's going to be about the same dimensions as Nagash.

"Came the rules of the Great Deceiver infested, one of the five options of assembly for this new kit. Not everyone knows the rules in English, so let's see the translation.  Unfortunately there is a word not visible due to the reflection of light on the page, but it's just the name of a magic weapon, then you will not find a rule truncated."

English Tranlation (LOL: Google Translate, so you will need to "read between the lines" when the English gets wierd)

Great Deceiver Infested
500 Pts

M8 AC8 AB4 FO6 R6 FE6 I10 A5 D8
Type you Troop : Monster Character

A Great Deceiver Infested can be included in a Skaven army . His point cost falls within the maximum affordable for Lords .

MAGIC : A Great Deceiver infested is a Wizard of Level 4. One of his spells to be Agile Dodge ; the remaining can be generated by Knowledge Skaven Plague of Ruin or in any combination .

SPECIAL RULES : Immune to Psychology , Large Target , Terror , Street Racing (!) 

Demonic attacks : attacks made by a model with this special rule are magic . This includes any special attack , and draft Trampling .

Protection of the Horned Rat : a model with this special rule has a saving throw 5+ . Demon Rat : A Great Deceiver is a demon infested and is influenced by any rule , abilities , weapons , spells , etc. that affect the Demons . Can never be the General of the Army.

Wrapped in the Dark : enemy units that target the Great infested with a shooting attack suffer a -1 modifier to the attack roll , in addition to any other modifiers .

Walker in Darkness : A Great Deceiver Infested can repeat failed attempts to cast the spell Agile Dodge and can choose himself as the target of the spell .


Stiletto Warp : Magic Weapon . Attacks made with this weapon have special rules Armour Piercing and Poisoned Attacks .

??? : Magic Weapon . This is a missile weapon with the following profile : Height 12 " Force User Special Rules Death in Arco , Poisoned Attacks , Quick Shot

Death at Arco : a weapon with this special rule makes a number of attacks equal to the number of models in that range are in the front rank of the target unit .

In addition to the complete rules of the Great Deceiver infested , there is some small detail on other Great infest .

- All the Great infest have I10
- The third type of Big infested is called King of Worms Skreech
- The King of Worms Skreech always knows the Thirteenth Enchantment and repeated shots failed to launch it.
- The Great infested most expensive reaches 650 pts
Original Text (Italian)

Grande Infesto Ingannatore

500 P.ti

M8 AC8 AB4 Fo6 R6 Fe6 I10 A5 D8

Tipo ti Truppa: Mostro Personaggio

Un Grande Infesto Ingannatore può essere incluso in un esercito di Skaven. Il suo costo in punti rientra nel massimo acquistabile per i Grandi Eroi.

Un Grande Infesto Ingannatore è un Mago di Livello 4. Uno dei suoi incantesimi deve essere Agile Balzo; i restanti possono essere generati dai Saperi Skaven della Rovina o della Peste in qualsiasi combinazione.

REGOLE SPECIALI:Immune alla Psicologia, Bersaglio Grande, Terrore, Via di Corsa!

Attacchi Demoniaci: gli attacchi effettuati da un modello con questa regola speciale sono magici. Questo include qualsiasi attacco speciale, da tiro e da Calpestamento.

Protezione del Ratto Cornuto: un modello con questa regola speciale ha un Tiro Salvezza 5+.

Demone Ratto: Un Grande Infesto Ingannatore è un Demone ed è influenzato da qualsiasi regola, abilità, arma, incantesimo e così via che influenzi i Demoni. Non può essere mai il Generale dell'Armata.

Avvolto nell'Oscurità: le unità nemiche che bersagliano il Grande Infesto con un attacco da tiro subiscono un modificatore -1 al Tiro per Colpire, oltre a qualsiasi altro modificatore.

Camminatore dell'Oscurità: Un Grande Infesto Ingannatore può ripetere i tentativi di lancio falliti per l'incantesimo Agile Balzo e può scegliere se stesso come bersaglio dell'incantesimo.

Stiletto Warp: Arma Magica. Gli attacchi effettuati con quest'arma hanno le regole speciali Penetrazione dell'Armatura e Attacchi Venefici.

???: Arma Magica. Questa è un'arma da tiro con il seguente profilo:
Gittata 12" Forza Utilizzatore Regole Speciali Morte ad Arco, Attacchi Venefici, Tiro Rapido

Morte ad Arco: un'arma con questa regola speciale effettua un numero di attacchi pari al numero di modelli in gittata che si trovino nel rango frontale dell'unità bersaglio.

Oltre alle regole complete del Grande Infesto Ingannatore, c'è qualche piccolo dettaglio su altri Grandi Infesti.
- Tutti i Grandi Infesti hanno I10
- Il terzo tipo di Grande Infesto si chiama Re dei Vermi Skreech
- Il Re dei Vermi Skreech conosce sempre il Tredicesimo Incantesimo e ripete i tiri falliti per lanciarlo.
- Il Grande Infesto più costoso raggiunge i 650 P.ti.

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