Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Winds of Change: FAQ; Glottkin and Monsterhammer (or shall I say Lordhammer/herohammer) coming our way)

FAQ, Glottkin sighted and the game turns into Herohammer (as predicted)

Behold, The behemoth! The Arms Race is on. 
Herohammer time!

As predicted in the ad campaign, Warhammer will never be the same again. 
Enter Herohammer, Monsterhammer and Monstermash.

Rules FAQ are out, and the rules now allow you to take 50% Lords and 50% Heroes. (Read combined stat monster/riders, as seen in the End Times Expansion.)

Welcome to the machine ! Ka-Ching! 

Somebody set up us the bomb!
All your  base are belong to us !  
You have no chance to survive make your time!

Ghost9494 on L'Astropate -

- "The Glottkin" box contains a sorcerer and a champion on a monster similar to a Nurgle giant;
- The English version of "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" is a set with two hardcover books, one for the story and the other for the rules;
- The Italian version is a softcover book with the rules and a reduced version of the story;
- "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" contains the story about the forces of Chaos (Daemons, Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen) invading the Empire.

Beasts of War:

"The miniature itself stands somewhere between a Orkanaut and Imperial Knight in size and looks absolutely amazing from this little shot we’re getting here. It comes with two riders with one a horned warrior and the other dressed more like a caster.

Interestingly the news of this new hero comes with the added information that the next End Times book is indeed a two book slipcase affair like with Nagash but a bit slimmer than the previous tome. Lots of fluff once more and the rules separate as always.

The big battle report coming in the next issue of White Dwarf is called The Fall of Altdorf so if that’s not a big bad omen for how badly things are going for The Empire I don’t know what is!"

NOW: add to this the new FAQ rule FOR THE GENERAL GAME (note no longer limited to the expasion); and Warhammer becomes Herohammer at the stroke of a pen.

Love the model, love the fluff, loathe what this is going to do to my multitude of armies. All I can see now is a monster/hero arms race.
Buy bigger and more expensive models as you go...ala 40K.

Is the End Times an age of accelerated obsolescence?

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