Thursday, 20 November 2014

Druchii to Embrace their long-lost cousins, Woodelves the winners with models?

Khaine arises, but no model. HE and DE are now buddies. Even the Wood Elves join in.

Strange times indeed. So ASF rules. ASF rules and ASF rules

Leaked WD bits seem to suggest that the anticipated good times for the DEs is turning out to be a family reunion, with Tyrion turning out to be the Black sheep, and Malekith being the wronged one. No surprise then that he has been bitter for so many years.

As his model has not sold for decades due to the high points cost, and GW has a warehouse full of yukky dragons with a mediocre figure on it, dating back to the 90s, the DE's will not be getting a Malekith -ala- Nagash model (sigh) I really looked forward to this. Anyhow new rules will do, and I have a decent model on the (better) black dragon anyhow.

So to the leaks:
Statlines not out yet, only the pictures from the WD:

Shamelessly lifted off the interweb thingy

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