Wednesday, 15 October 2014

(Les) Maggot Lords: Tamurkhan is Dead: 3 Pretenders to the throne arrive

Maggot Lords bust out:The Maggot Lord is Dead. Three pretenders to the throne?

Rumours offa da net, and navel gazing/internet trawling insights

Alas, alack, Tamurkhan, the Original Maggot Lord is missing in action.He seems to have been swallowed by the void. He would have made a great maggot lord.

The Maggot Lord is dead?  Long live the (New) Maggot Lords...
Hey, where did Tamurkhan go? Forge World Site suddenly (more) sparse.

I went onto their website, and noticed that the already sparse fantasy offerings were growing thinner be the day. Tamurkhan is now also gone, as is the Slaanesh Greater Daemon. I have already remarked on the Empire models going in previous posts or comments.

I think the discounts on the Tamurkan book should have been a clue as tho what Nottingham was up to. Anyhow the King is gone, and in his place comes a corpulent pustule containing the (New) maggot lords. Must be the End Times, for sure. GW actually discounting something !

You've probably all seen the other leaked pics from the White Dwarf, so I'm not gonna elaborate. Pictures suggest a Daemon choice in DoC, not Chaos United in WoC, but the fluff will tell us eventually.

So what do we know?

" They all have 3+ armour save.
The puking one (Bloab) is a lvl. 3 mage and has a ranged attack st. 3(4) with 24 inch range That allows no armour save (vile bile) I think.

Morbidex Twiceborn has a 6+ ward save, fear, regeneration, mark of nurgle, eye of the gods and a st.6 range 6 poison attack, nurglings within 12" also get regeneration, 385 points maybe ?"
E60 price tag in EU, so with the GW special exchange rate for NZ somewhere between NZ $150 and $200

These appear to be DoC, no clear cross-over w WoC as yet, but likely some unholy alliance like tomb kings and undead in the wings

Speculation: 4 horsemen of the apocalypse deal, first death, now pestilence that leaves famine and war. Can we expect to see Archaon or Valkia leading the Khorne (War) release ?


  1. Hey mate, hope this info helps! I guess story-wise there are very good reasons Tamurkhan isn't making an appearance in the End Times... but in terms of models being removed from Warhammer Forge, you can write their customer service team and get responses like this by way of explanation (which is a shame, because the FW models would complement these new ones nicely):

    Hi there.

    Unfortunately the Tamurkhan on Toad Dragon model is not currently available. Occasionally we have to review our ranges and decided whether to keep or remove certain items so that we can make the necessary room for new items in our storage warehouse. Once a decision has been made regarding these products we stop production of them until we feel that we need to reinstate them Although we do keep them available to purchase until the last of the remaining stock is gone. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and hopefully this model will be available again at some point in the future.

    If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.

    Forge World

    1. Seems Ligit. I like the conspiracy theory though (LOL.) Anyhow, the Fantasy models will always move slower than the 40K ones - simple demand, and therefore Fantasy will get the chop first in a warehouse where 40 K moves faster. Simple business sense. I lament the loss, as Forge world, though more expensive, at least recognised the going exchange rates, and allowed purchases from the UK site, unlike big brother GW

    2. Yeah, such a shame, but I feel I can cut FW some slack, given the cash cow that is Heresy needs milking. I admit I did rush out and buy the Empire Amethyst Lady incase she got removed...