Saturday, 22 February 2014

Warhammer NZTC 2014 Coming up: Dark Elves Rising to the Challenge

New Zealand Team Competition looming: Dark Elves at the Ready

So with NZTC a week away, the sabres have started rattling, champions and heroes are strutting and posturing. Or is that the generals?
The crowd is not as vociferous as last year, but I suspect more scrutiny of lists and strategic planning is taking place. Last year a lot of matching-up took place on the day.

 This year a lot more of the heavyweights of the NZ Warhammer Fantasy Tournament are taking part.
The lists also reflect that. There seems to be a lot less "fun" lists around, with quite a lot of deathstars, filthy lists in abundance. Looks like it will be tough battle.

Kapiti Wargames Club is fielding two teams: Beauty and the Beasts and 1/250 of the Legion of Doom

I am playing in the latter with Rex Foote, David Oemcke and my son Luc. Compared to the other team we are the newbies and comparatively green. We tend to play more for fun than competitively, but that is just the reason we are going! I'm taking the Hydra Bitch Bus and Luc his Ogre Death Star, Dave Dwarfs, and Rex Wood Elfs.

So this is how the field shapes up in terms of armies chosen for the event:

Beauty & Beasts: Empire Warriors Of Chaos Daemons of Chaos Dark Elves
Ham: High Elves Dwarfs Daemons of Chaos Lizardmen
Nerdymen: High Elves Brettonnia Vampire Counts Empire
250th's of the Legion of Doom: Wood Elves Dark Elves Ogre Kingdoms Dwarfs
Grumpy Old Men: High Elves Dark Elves Ogre Kingdoms Lizardmen
Basiliers: Empire Warriors Of Chaos Vampire Counts Orcs and Goblins
Team with the Guy: Dark Elves High Elves Daemons of Chaos Empire
Nice Team: Lizardmen Warriors Of Chaos Dwarfs Skaven
Shirts Off: High Elves Warriors Of Chaos Orc and Goblins Lizardmen
Stonesfall Massive: Empire Warriors Of Chaos Daemons of Chaos Ogre Kingdoms
Buckethead: Beastmen Dwarfs Empire Ogre Kingdoms
DILF: Brettonnia Warriors Of Chaos Vampire Counts Lizardmen
Panel Comp FTW:  Dark Elves Warriors Of Chaos Empire Skaven
KrakTeam: Dark Elves Dwarfs Vampire Counts Lizardmen
WolfPack: Empire Warriors Of Chaos Daemons of Chaos Skaven
Von Trapp: Dark Elves Warriors Of Chaos Daemons of Chaos Skaven

Army Distribution:
Warriors Of Chaos 9
Empire 8
Dark Elves 7
Daemons of Chaos 6
Lizardmen 6
High Elves 5
Dwarfs 5
Ogre Kingdoms 4
Vampire Counts 4
Skaven 4
Brettonnia 2
Orcs and Goblins 2
Wood Elves 1
Beastmen 1
Tomb Kings 0
Chaos Dwarfs 0

Info from Pete Dunn's Fields of Blood

The Fantasy images are from Helmutt:
check them out for some great fantasy art work

Ps. Noticed that the Skullcannon numbers have just been nerfed in FOB-Lite. 
About time.

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