Saturday, 11 July 2015

Mantic looking promising? New Rule Book out soon, free army books

GW Killed WHFB, Mantic Rejoices

Nobody stands to gain more out of GWs decision to  torpedo and sink WHFB than Mantic:


Their unit block based wargame seems the likely contender for most of those who seek an alternative classic style fantasy wargame. Their basic rules are free and read like a more basic form of WHFB. Some names and facts have been changed to protect the innocent. Whilst most of their models don't quite meet up to the standard of GW's, they are probably a little closer to true 28mm than those sold for WHFB by GW. I think they are probably closer to 32mm.

Their designs are quite nice, particularly the undead zombies and ghouls, but the rest look rather scrawny when in the company of GW figures. Then again, so do my older 3rd and 4th Ed GW figures.

Unlike earlier contenders copiers and pretenders to GW's throne, mantic has the advantage of the internet and the current level of rage against the machine that killed WHFB. (Of those previous pretenders I liked Chronopia best)

“Many converts have found themselves won over by a mixture of solid game play, straight-forward but elegant mechanics, and an approach to development that plainly puts the player first.” - Rick Priestly 2015

Anyhow, here is the link to all the free MANTIC STUFF
(and free shipping worldwide if you buy more then $75 (Presumably US)

The 2nd Ed Rulebook is out in August and sells for $40

Mighty Ape is the local stockist.


  1. I am not fully convinced about KOW, I do want to give it a go and I do want to like it as Mantic are really the peoples champion of wargaming, they really look after you! The 9th age rule changes look interesting though. Now that the ETC and Swedish comp guys are all collaborating the community might not fracture too much.

    1. I agree McCrae, not really meaty enough for me. Will be interested to see what the 2nd Ed brings