Thursday, 2 July 2015

Avalanche from the net: Warscrolls, Life in the Realm Bubbles, Force organisation and

The floodgates have opened with tons of new pictures, all indicating the future direction of Warhammer. The (Warhammer) world as we know it has changed irrevocably. 8th Ed is dead, WHFB is dead. Unlike in the case of Beethoven, there will be no 9th.

As many pictures and changes there are, as many opinions. GW has obviously moved from the classic mediaeval setting of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to another realm where it can better protect its IP.

It has simplified the game to an almost dumbed down version of 40K. Timmy or Tommy or Jimmy can bring anything he likes and we'll compensate for the imbalance somehow. You do not need skill to choose your army, and points do not matter...

Its all about the base, the base, its all about the base. No trouble?

And Size, does it matter? 

Army Comp: Premade simple organisational charts ?

And a first look at the war Scrolls:
A good review on Jossy's site (clicky)

 And the Price, dear reader, you may ask?

So $250 NZ, $200 AUS 75 UK pounds, 100 Euro and $100US. 
NZ and Aus get shafted again. Exchange rates mean squat.

The Only model I vaguely like (head swop or lightning trim likely)  :

And the rest of the Sigmarines:

How Space marine can you get?

And yes, you do play in bubbles....

and the ones to come...



And yes, you can use your Dark Aelfs

 and UnDaed...

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  1. Definitely has a feel of Armageddon (Good vs Evil) with a Norse twist... several "realms" on the go... I'm 'almost' tempted... but will stick with the tried and tested LOTR... once bitten, twice shy...