Tuesday, 9 June 2015

KWC Open Day: WHFB in the Doldrums

Uncertainty in the Warhammer world reflected by KWC Open Day 2015

Sunday saw the 4th Open Day at KWC. Unlike other years there was a decided lack of interest in Warhammer Fantasy. This probably reflects the great unease that has settled over the NZ Warhammer scene over the last 6 months. The rolling out of the End Times and the looming uncertainty about what 9th Ed Rules may bring has dampened the enthusiasm for WHFB this year.
I for one have not had many games or built anything GW since NZTC.

So this was also reflected on our open day. A great Warhammer table with incredible terrain. And nobody interested in  playing. Visitors came from out of town to play X-Wing and FoW.

40K was popular, as was the Warmahordes table. But ouch...Warhammer ? No enthusiasm from club members. How can you promote a game where you don't know if the rules are about to explode in your face.

   Dwarfs spent the day languishing in their tray

So people voted with their feet. I hope for the game as we know it in NZ's sake that it isn't the tenor everyone feels. Otherwise it will soon become just a game with toy soldiers for bored boys with parents with deep pockets and a butterfly interest in the game. Well, maybe it is where the money lies. Not with veteran gamers with disposable income and a 20 or 30 year commitment to collecting.

I at present have a whole row of Chaos Knights, a Greater Daemon of Khorne, and even a Daemon Prince sitting unpainted on my workbench, not knowing if the changed rules are to affect how they should be based. I have spent the last 6 months on my Flames or War Armies. Even Pete is painting  and posting on historicals...

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I never thought I'd see the day when dust starts settling on a row of new $100 models. Likewise there is a unit of Dwarf Irondrakes just sitting there in base coat. To be honest, if I am quite apprehensive about it all.  Not to speak of Luc (my son's) unbuilt Lizard heroes and monsters that he bought in London with his hard-earned cash last year.

For me End Times was an interesting diversion that I chose not to really buy into. (Learning from the Storm of Magic experience? ) So waiting to hear if our armies have become obsolete at the stroke of a pen is getting tedious now. Like being on death row. I think GW is doing themselves a great disservice by how this has all been handled. Can't say I have mustered a great deal of enthusiasm for the Age of Sigmar as yet.

I found it sad, for a club that was essentially formed to play Warhammer...


  1. Hopefully the Open Day generated some new local interest in wargaming. Well done.

    1. Thanks Pete, yes, I think we may have got some interest going in a few minds (both old and new)