Saturday, 27 June 2015

Age of Sigmar Leaks, Mantic lodges intellectual property suit

First Leaked Age of Sigmar (AoS) Pics: Pandora Opens the Box to see Inside....

Ok, so the first pics of Aos are setting the Interweb thingy alight. Someone snuck a few snaps from the next White Dwarf:

My impressions and thoughts:
  1. Round and oval bases as rumoured...
  2. Space Marines !
  3. In fact, rehashed Blood Angels !
  4. Warhammer Age of Reckoning  level 40 KOTBS (Knight of the Blazing Sun)
  5. Mantic Eloim...hmm intellectual property stoush coming?
  6. Warmachine
  7. Retro-looking logo

Tying in model aesthetic with the fluff and rumours? The coming of Sigmar after the End Times? Clearly not predating the (now defunct) Warhammer World as we knew it.

Mounted hero on monstrous mount/warbeast (tic) 
Probable combined statline (tic?) No musicians and standard bearers (tic) 
Heavy armoured Roman looking  foot soldiers x 10 (tic) Roman looking shields (tic) Female champion (no tic) 
Looks like we still have BSB. Probably combined w magic caster/sigmar blessings 
3 x Heavy hitters/Elites and 3 Fast Cav/Flyer types. 40 K here we come...

The rumour of more ancient looking and primitive force - dispelled with irresistable force. (MEGA un-tic here ) but a special award for the person who penned that particular rumour !

Of the lot I really only realy like the cat on the Cat. Ties in with demigrifs and griffons (Are those models likely to survive then? ) At this point, anyhow, with pretty poor quality pics I still reserve my judgement. The SM aesthetic does not work for me. Sorry. 40 K never was my game.

Then to Chaos: So Chaos seems to remain Chaos. Maybe not as be know it. 
(Ho-hum?) CSM look. Aesthetic pretty much unchanged. 
  1. Bigger, meaner WoC and Marauders - Rumour accurate there. (tic) 
  2. No Bloodthirster, (un-tic) but a similar looking Temple Dog/Maulerfiend thing on a LOTR sized Monster base
  3. Abaddon and his mean puppy (?) on large base, 
  4. 2 x 10 Units of Marauder types (tic rumour) with Muscians and Standard bearers
  5. again a BSB/Caster/Psyker rolled into one (?) 
  6. 5 Elites (Chosen types? - tic  ) and
  7.  another ? Character on foot, or could it be a handler for the monster ?  

Mantic must be pleased about all of this

Shouldn't have sold those Blood Angels!


  1. I cant help but think they have just lost the unit blocks and just copied the whole warmahordes warmachine thingie... looks nothing like WFB fantasy...more like some good vs evil odd twist on the Armageddon theme.. or some such... it doesnt float my boat ... and once again, anyone with existing armies seems ready to consign them at great cost to the rubbish bin???

    1. If my array of armies have now become obsolete I will be crossing the floor to join the ranks of other rage quitters, and I would guess there will be a fair few of us. I doubt GW ill ever make another cent out of me if that is the case.

    2. I hope there will be some ability to use existing existing armies with the new rules set, other wise I see a lot of players switching to something like Kings of War or some such...