Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dark Elf Barque Progress and Sorceresses for Every Season

Progress Report WIP Dark Barque and revamp of my Druchii:

Good Progress being made with the Dark Barque. Getting to work on the woodwork.

Somehow I ended up with a surfeit of Sorceresses. 4 on foot, and 4 mounted, in fact. I can field one for every season, or lore of Magic, should I wish

Still busy transforming the Dark Eldar Wyches into (alt Sisters of Slaughter) what now can only be termed 

The Band of Brutality feat Miley Cyrus:

Have resisted adding wheels to my old skool Cauldron. 
Avatars of War sorceress becoming a crone or hag, up front. Apologies for my poor photographic skills. The Hawk Turquoise seems to really reflect the light in the photos, as do the skintone. Does not really do justice to the paint jobs.

The Old Death Hag and her entourage still form the core of my Witches

Also spoiled for choice with the characters. Line-up of masters and Dreadlords. Have consigned one as Tularis (Not in picture) He now resides permanently with the Black Guard (Not shown, Old Tularis model still the Tower Master in this shot) Mix of Old GW and alternative models

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