Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dark Elf and Empire Alternatives

Swap Day Haul: Alternative DE and Empire Models taking shape

I obtained a good number of models at the KWC swap meet a few weeks ago, and have also been looking at what resides in my pile of shame. With the new Druchii Armybook in hand I have set about plotting, planning and building...

The Empire is also ever in my mind, and has not been left behind.

Works in Progress:

Fantastic Little Dragonet. I intend to use him as an alternative Pegasus.

I also had a Giant Owl in my hand, but remembered someone fielding one at NZTC this year, and I do not wish to appear a copycat next year. I think he would make a fine mount in my Dragon Themed Druchii Army.

From the pile of shame came the Matincore:

Languishing there for a almost year, waiting for the new DE Book. Building him with interchangable removable WoC Lord/Mage, for my WoC Army;  and making place for, of course for a DE Dreadlord or Beastlord!

Empire Bits:

What a delightful, agile little  fellow! 
Great little Halberdier wielding Character for my Empire Army. 
Bought from Pukeko Games at the swap meet.

(Another) BSB: This time the Forgeworld Character on Foot.
Leftover from my Christmas Present Demigryff Bonanza (Got 2 by accident)

Mage-type Caster guy. Impulsive buy at the swap meet. Not to sure where he's gonna end up as yet.

Alternative horses for the Empire. Mantic Basilean Mounts (I think)
 I am soooo over the old empire cavalry mounts !

GW had better hurry up and get their act together. The knights are way overdue an overhaul. Mantic and 
Raging heroes (Clicky) are looking very attractive. Also waiting to see what their Dark Elf offering is going to bring. Kickstarter is hopefully coming soon. Have been watching since early this year (Think their teasers came out then)


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