Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dark Elves of Slaanesh Arrive: 1st WD leaked pictures

Dark Elves of Slaanesh arrive

The long awaited first wave of DE releases are out in the Oct WD. I am a bit underwhelmed by some models, and enthused by others from what I can see. The stats may well change my opinion.

We can probably expect a second wave of more nautically themed Corsairs/Admiral of the fleet hero next, with the new Riders and Chariots...

I particularly liked the sinister look of the faceless DE's of the previous edition, so I can't say that I am rapt with the poncy faced HE look! Have the rank and file been sanitised to make them unappealing and force other purchases? Looks like the Shrine and Cauldron got all the spikes and the troops lost their spike and spite. We need SPITE in our DE Armies. These guys look kind.(Apparently getting ASF  (reward for looking like HE? ) and Murderous prowess - see below ? Just Khainite units/characters) )

Either way the Cult of Khaine is on the rise. I always thought Khaine and Khorne were more interchangable, but it appears that there is a definite Slaaneshi lean to this release:

Photos in order of "Like" as far as I am concerned:

Like e'm a lot

Love 'em lotz




Ho-hum - could have done sooo much with a new hydra. 
What do we get, the Friendly Lochness monster mutated... Lips don't work for me. 
Not EVIL enough. Dark elves are EVIL. Like the dynamic handlers

The pose of the creature works, then heads, not for me.
Would probably build the Karibdyss from this kit, keep my old hydras.

Bleh! Bleh!
High elves masquesrading as Dark elves. where did the EVIL go? 
Boring. No chance I'm gonna undate

Nooooo.....a step backwards

Rules Rumours (ex Warseer):

The sisters of slaughter are rares: enemies is base contact with them lose rank bonuses.

Hydras are specials can upgrade to get a strength 4 breath attack, no regeneration  but can regrow heads (recover lost wounds) just like the slann can with his discipline.

The karybdiss thing has a special ability that triggers when all 5 of its attacks hits ( gets an extra attack that inflicts additional hits) has a scaly skin save and causes terror. Enemy models in base contact must re roll successful leadership tests. Both use the monster and handler rules.

They have 2 signature spells just like high magic. One of the spells goes off on a 8+ and grants a unit +1 strength and then you gain D3 power dice but if you gain 3 power dice this way the wizard suffers a wound with no saves allowed.

The army has always strikes first.

Murderous Prowess: models with this rule re roll 1s when rolling to wound.

Wizards casting Dark Magic add plus 1 to their casting attempts.

Price Update (Ex Jossy at Plastic Crack)

Just received the price list for the Dark Elves release for New Zealand and Australia, and all us Kiwi's and Aussies will be very happy to know that the models at least are very close to what the US prices are!

(Not if you use the Big Mac Index, we are still paying for being on the backside of the earth and GW using outdated exchange rates - ed)

Dark Elf army book: $US 49.50 $AU 83 $NZ 98
Dark Elves Battle magic: $US 6 $AU 8.5 $NZ 10Shadowblade: $US 20 $AU 22 $NZ 26Dreadspears: $US 35 $AU 45 $NZ 50Witchelves: $US 60 $AU 70 $NZ 80Hydra: $US 65 $AU 70 $NZ 85Cauldron: $US 75 $AU 80 $NZ 95So this may well be considered a price increase for the US, but here in New Zealand and Australia this is a price drop!

I can see me getting the Witchelves/Sisters of Slaughter, Karybdis build, Cauldron (Build depends on stats), and of course the book. My wallet is groaning in trepidation....


  1. Warriors seem to get they old school look back, which I like much. Current look has always been bit meh to me...

  2. They look too high-elfish for my liking, I like a bit of nastiness in their look. The full-face masks with slit-eyes looked nicely sinister in keeping with their nature in my opinion.