Wednesday, 24 July 2013

White Dwarf Lizardmen Pics

Here they are, the first Lizardman Pics:
Blurry, but the 1st idea of what's coming. Dusting off my Lizardmen in anticipation!

Ripperdactyls, ridden, not vargeist-like monstrous units. Looking a bit more dynamic in this sculps

Gor-Rok, the great white warrior. New batallion box?

Skink priest, looking a little Orc-like in it's pose ?
Can't make out much on Tetto 'eko 

Now this I like! (Lizards really need some artillery/rocklobber type thingy.) 
Would be interested to see the stats and info

The alternative terradon build

New Carnosaur, less T-rex/allosaurish

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