Thursday, 20 June 2013

Warhammer Slacker

Warhammer Slacker

Been a bit quiet on the Warhammer front for a while, been working at my 20mm Flames of War Armies, with the Kapiti Wargames Open Day coming up on Sun 30 June. 

Doing a demo game of FoW in this scale (1/72) Touching up my armies and armour; and basing them for FoW (Bases scaled up from 15mm to 20mm equivalent)

My son Luc and I intend to play a post D-Day game; Brits against Falschirmjaeger, with Divisional Panzer and Artillery support. Been working on my Russian army too, as we have an Armourgeddon Armour Clash (read Total War) to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the largest tank battle ever, the Battle of Kursk.

Not that Warhammer is ever far from my mind. Been following the blogs and posts, keen to see what happens with Lizardmen and Dwarfs in future. A little miffed with all the monstrous cavalry and flyers, death stat units that now seem to dominate the game. Call it Fantasy Fatigue.I really enjoy strategy more than deathstar clashes,

The club is running a Tamourkan event at the moment. I find it difficult to commit to campaign type games, much as I love them due to the nature of my work, so have not entered.

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