Monday, 12 October 2015

KWC Swap meet a (limited) success. Signs of the times...Goodbye GW, Hello SAGA and KoW

The 4th Annual KWC Swap meet took place on Sunday.

Attendance was a little lower than anticipated, but I suspect this reflects the general despondency that has crept in with the demise of the Warhammer

Poster People for the Club: Fern and Sam promoting the swap meet in the media

Good turnout from club members. I made an ok haul, some made money from selling unwanted bits and bobs, units that may be useful in KoW. Got rid of some of my unwanted Citadel carry cases, Had far too many of those. My armies had all become too large, and having magnetised the units I most frequently used, I found that the bulky cases were just cluttering my mancave. Luckily some 40K and came around looking for just those cases to protect their fighting machines!

So off I went shopping - came back with Olley's Armies Scrunts: Ideal for my KoW armies, with a bit of Steampunk flavour added. In there was a Basilean Lion rider hero and dwarf badger riders too. Just what I was after!

Also some WoC. Did I really need more ? Couldn't let the bargain pass by. 40 WoC for the price of a NIB set.
Same for the Marauder Horsemen and Lion Chariot. Funny how some of the conversions and unusual models I have admired at the club over a few years have finally ended up in my collection! 

Then came the last moment impulse. Sam had some older Norman 28mm models in an ice-cream tub. Swapped those for some really unwanted Skaven. Really dislike them ratpeople. Glad to see them go. Kept only the Rat Ogres - they can be anything, can't they? And I happen to like their sculpt. 

So...what next? Got home, started to think about SAGA again, and those Normans, and those Vikings, and the money that I did not spend at the swap meet. 
Burning a hole in my pocket. OK, let's take the plunge. 

So onto Mighty Ape...Not much there. Some Wargames Factory Bondi and Huskarls. 

Viking Bondi

Viking Huscarls

$32 for 32 figures per box. What's not to like?

Compare that to GWs $100 for 10 Fire Warriors. BTW selling those 10  new on sprue and 20 reasonably painted, as well as a Hammerhead thingy Last of Luc's Tau. (I do believe they got a new codex, but 40K lost me 2 editions ago) Oh yea, and some Kroot.

Off to Gripping Beast's site proper: AAAH. Much better! 

Shield wall Ulfhednar (Wolf Beserkers), Norman Starting Set (4 points) Norman and Viking Dice and the rulebook, and a Viking command set.

 Now we are in business! Soon I'll have 2 basic SAGA armies ! 
Any takers?

SAGA Starter 4 Point Warband - Norman

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